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How to make homemade burgers

23 mayo, 2021

One of the foods that we like to prepare at home the most is hamburgers because their preparation is simple, they are prepared in a short time and they are also much richer than those we buy in burgers. For this reason and to make them perfect, today we want to show you how to make homemade burgers, with the fundamental tricks so that the next ones you do are a success.

What’s more, The technique and tips that we are going to teach you are valid for all types of hamburgers, whether they are beef or beef, or if you make them with other ingredients such as chicken, pork or fish burgers.

Common elements to every hamburger

The biscuits

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Whether you make them yourself with a good recipe for tender buns or if you buy them, buns are essential in the preparation of burgers since they have to have a double condition. On the one hand, be tender enough so that it does not cost us to eat them and on the other have enough consistency to hold the content without breaking or falling apart.

To make a good hamburger, the buns must be toasted, lightly buttered, which will give a special flavor to our homemade burger and will also make the crunchiness of the toast help the resistance of the bread. In my opinion the bottom bread should not be spread with any sauce and in the top one, you can put mayonnaise, or a mixture of mayonnaise with other ingredients to customize the flavor.

Vegetable supplements

Before I talk about the filling, let me talk about all the add-ons to a hamburger. The main thing is the salad part and here practically anything goes. Burgers gain a lot with a fresh touch that you can add with lettuce, arugula, watercress, lamb’s lettuce or any green leaf and some tomato slices. In any case, in the variety is the fun so do not hesitate to experiment with different green leaves that will add different flavors to your recipe.


My tip is put down the lettuce, cover it with tomato and on this you put the meat or hamburger. So then you can add the ketchup or mustard sauces to your taste, without softening the bread. The lettuce also protects the bread from the natural humidity of the tomato.

The hamburger

For me the best hamburger is the one made only with meatIf you want, seasoned with some herb or spice, but without anything else. It is not a Russian steak or a meatball so in my opinion you should not add eggs, milk, breadcrumbs or sliced ​​bread, but you can do this to your liking.

My recomendation, mix veal with finely chopped bacon pieces which will add more flavor to the meat and also a little fat that will make the mixture juicier. Once mixed and seasoned, we form a ball without touching too much, flatten it a little and let it rest at room temperature before going through the iron.


In the center of the hamburger, wrapped in meat, you can put some extra ingredients, like a glob of foie, or a cheese taco like in this burger stuffed with cheddar so that when cooked then it comes out melted as a surprise for the diner.

If you make salmon or tuna burgers, the process is very similar. Remember not to overweight the hamburger so that it is better. On the other hand, you can also do veggie burgers with tofu, soy or other ingredients like this rice burger.

How to cook hamburgers

There are some things you always have to remember so that your hamburgers are perfect:

  1. Leave the patties at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before cooking.
  2. Heat the griddle or grill without adding anything
  3. Lightly varnish the hamburger with oil and leave it on the grill
  4. Do not move the burger until it has cooked on one side
  5. To get the burger to the point, leave it for 3 minutes on each side. 4 for a well done and 2 for an undercooked hamburger.
  6. When you turn it, put the cheese on top and while it is done, prepare the base with the green leaves and the tomato, to be able to remove it when it is ready.

Toppings or toppings

On the burger, once cooked and turned, We can put a slice of cheddar, havarti or cream cheese, letting the heat of the grill and that of the meat itself melt it. We can also add grilled onion, confit onion, crispy bacon or any other topping that we like.

How To Make Burgers Steps

How to make homemade burgers. Ideas for a change

In addition to the classic meat burgers, we can use many variations as the main element. For example, these homemade chicken curry burgers were a success when I made them for the first time or the salmon burgers with cucumber sauce, which were also a delicious variation. I still recommend the marinated tuna burger accompanied with wasabi mayonnaise.

We also loved the idea of ​​covering the burger with Serrano ham and a good piece of pineapple and forming a kind of package on the beef that our partner Philippe prepared for us. But if you like to give a international touch to your hamburger recipes, you have to try these ideas:

With all these ideas and the tricks that we have told you so that the meat (or chicken, fish, etc) are tender and without weighing it down, sure that your next friends dinners will be much richer and everyone will be surprised with your homemade hamburger recipe.

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