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How to make egg whites or nougat

25 mayo, 2021

If you start cooking, you will hear terms such as “raising whites”, “about to snow” or “to the point of nougat”. Do not worry! It is very simple.

This point is necessary when we are preparing a smoothie or cake to which we need to add air, in order to achieve a much smoother mixture without lumps. Learn how to do it below.

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Whites to the point of snow or nougat step by step

Clear to the point of snow

Clear to the point of snow (Photo: Getty Images)

You need:

  • Electric mixer
  • 1 large glass bowl
  • Eggs (the amount depends on the recipe you want to prepare)

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Step by Step:

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks well. You can use a separator to help you or do it with the shells.
  2. Place the whites in the bowl and begin to beat them at medium speed. You will notice that bubbles begin to form; It is normal. Keep going until they start to turn white.
  3. Stop beating for a moment – the mixture should start to form soft peaks and slide into the bowl.
  4. Continue beating on high speed. Do this until you notice firm peaks rising from the mixture, and when you flip the bowl, it stays sticky, firm, and doesn’t spill out of the bowl.

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What use are the clear ones to the point of snow?

For all recipes where read that whites are required mounted, to the point of snow or nougat. Among them are meringues, cakes and mousse.

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And how to achieve the point of nougat?

Nougat point

Nougat point (Photo: Getty Images)

It is only necessary to beat the egg whites a little more until you see that large “lumps” of beaten whites are formed.

This point serves very well to prepare a mixture to coat vegetables, chili peppers, or any preparation that requires coating.

Once the whites are about to nougat, add the 2 yolks and beat just to integrate, in addition, as an optional point you can add a teaspoon of flour to make the mixture more stable for the coating.

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