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How to make dogfish in adobo, bienmesabe recipe

24 mayo, 2021

The dogfish is a fish from the shark family, which is easily found and at a good price in the markets, although most of the time it comes from frozen. Its white and juicy meat is ideal to consume battered in tacos or delicacies, but its flavor improves a lot if previously marinated as we will now see.

Years ago, in Cádiz he took the marinade thinly sliced, which allowed holding the slice by the bone, as it came out of frying, while blowing it to cool it, but nowadays, the dogfish or bienmesabe, is usually taken cut into small cubes like the ones in the photos.

To prepare the marinade, We have to cut the dogfish slice into bite-size cubes, taking the opportunity to clean it of webs and ugly parts that it may have. We place the dogfish pieces in a deep container and add a good handful of salt, 4 or 5 garlic with their skin, previously beaten, 4 bay leaves divided in two, the paprika, the cumin and a tablespoon of fresh or dried oregano.

Cazon O Bienmesabe Steps Elaboration

We cover the slices with a glass of white vinegar, and complete with another glass of water, so that all the fish is covered. Cover with an aluminum foil or with the lid of a saucepan, and let it sit in the fridge for at least 8 hours. It can also be done on the eve, without fear, which will not be too strong.

Once the marinade is prepared, we remove the dogfish slices, and drain them well on absorbent paper. We go through flour, better if we use a special for frying of fish, and fry in hot extra virgin olive oil, so that they brown on the outside and are juicy on the inside.

Marching one of bienmesabe !!