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How to make coconut milk at home Prescription

24 mayo, 2021

A couple of days ago I told you about coconut, the largest dried fruit we know. And I told you that I would make you coconut milk, it is clear that nowadays it can be found already made in many supermarkets, but it never hurts to know how it is made.

I will explain the easier way to do so. But also the traditional way, which is somewhat more laborious. Basically coconut milk is obtained by squeezing the grated pulp of the coconut and adding water to it. Although like everything it has its trick.

FRIED MILK the easiest and fastest recipe

The ingredients that I have used have been, a coconut (once clean it weighed about 400 grams) and the same amount of water. Like utensils, a kitchen board, a hammer, a mixer and little else.

It first is to open the coconut. Giving a few and strong blows we will be able to crack it, then we can reserve the water inside. To do this, put the coconut on top of a glass and let it come out.

coco prep1.JPG

Then we will finish opening the coconut and we will separate the meat from the shell of the seed. His thing, with this meat, would be to grate it or separate it with a bristle brush. But by doing it this way we can cut it into small pieces.

coco prep2.JPG

Then we put the coconut meat in a glass to shred it with the mixer or chopper. And little by little we are adding the water, beating. We will see how to make a somewhat thick dough. This is due to the mixture of the coconut oil and the water.

coco prep3.JPG

We let it rest for a while and we get ready to filter the preparation. With a Chinese and a spoon we press the grated meat well until it is very dry. In this way, we have obtained our coconut milk, which will serve us in an infinite number of preparations.

coco prep4.JPG

Well now we have the differences with the traditional way, and even with the different “milk” that can be extracted from the coconut.

We can get two milks. The call “first milk” It is obtained by grating the coconut meat and using a cheesecloth (a kitchen cloth very similar to gauze), it is squeezed and the first liquid that is obtained is very thick and in some cases it is obtained quite little.

We then come to the second type of milk, “second milk” or clear milk. Water is added several times and they are squeezed with the cheesecloth. In Southeast Asia, women are in charge of making coconut milk and they are so expert that they do it simply with their hands.

A professional recipe can ask us for both types of milk, we will start using the second milk and at the end of the dish we will give it the touch of the first milk with a final boil.

When the milk obtained is left to rest, we will see that it separates and forms a thicker layer, called “coconut cream”, in some cases it is called coconut cream.

We can also get coconut milk, from a dry grated coconut (but not a grated and toasted coconut), we simply add water and let it rest for 30 minutes to hydrate again.

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