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How to make chicken wings: tips to make them really delicious

25 mayo, 2021

How they miss the weekends when you went out with your family or friends to binge! However, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy at home, and learn how to make chicken wings really delicious.

Is it the first time you will do them? Do not worry! Our tips are the easiest and most effective. So take note, and prepare a delicious afternoon at home with some good wings.

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How to make chicken wings: super effective tips

Taste and texture are everything in the kitchen, and wings are no exception. Some whimsical and delicious wings should be juicy, aromatic, not raw but not burned either.

This guide will help you get them just the way you want:


How many wings will you need? 1 kilo has approximately 8 whole wings, which are equivalent to 16 pieces. Calculate well so that no one is left without trying them.

You can ask the poultry shop to cut the pieces for you so that you do not get complicated in the kitchen and you can get down to work faster.

Tequila chicken wings

We are talking about some tequila chicken wings.

Pens and tips

Before starting to cook, remove the feathers. If these are small or very difficult to extract, burn them over direct heat on the stove or with a blowtorch.

We recommend that you do not discard the tips. These, despite not having meat, can be browned and boiled together with onion and spices, thus achieving a delicious broth that you can use for other recipes.

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Chicken cooking: how to make chicken wings without going raw

Nobody likes raw chicken wings, so to cook it perfectly, put water in a pot over high heat and, when it starts to boil, add the wings and pre-cook for 3 minutes. Drain in a colander to remove excess water.

baked wings

If you are craving and want something delicious to dine at home, or even as a main dish, these baked wings are perfect to pamper your palate.


Season the flour with the batter. Add only salt and pepper or, if you like them more spicy, add paprika, crushed chili or dehydrated herbs. It’s more to your liking!

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To fry!

The wings need a lot of oil, so you need to fry them in a pot to prevent the oil from overflowing or splashing.

When they are at the point you want, drain them on a rack or basket: their consistency will be crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside.

How to make chicken wings and flavor them

A kilo of wings needs 1 cup of sauce to bathe them. Discover many flavors of wings that we have for you in Easy Kitchen.

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What can I accompany my wings with?

mix of mexican wings

Surprise everyone with this table of wings with Mexican recipes and flavors.

They say that everything tastes better with company, and this rule also applies to food. So we give you some ideas, now that you know how to make delicious wings:

  • Sticks: they can be carrot, jicama, celery or cucumber. The goal is to bring some freshness to the moment.
  • Drinks: beer is the quintessential companion of good wings. But if you don’t want to drink alcohol, a horchata or tamarind water is great.
  • Extra hot: try them with piquín for fruit. You’ll love it!
  • Dressings: the favorite for successful wings is ranch, but if you want to try something new and different, take note of the dips we have for you.

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