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How to make butter at home

22 mayo, 2021

As they explained to us, the most important thing to make butter at home is the quality of the cream so you should choose the best one you can, because the result is very noticeable. With the cream put in the blender glass, -better if you use a Kitchen Aid or a kitchen robot with dough rods-, you will have it ready in a moment. I recommend you extra fat cream or at least 35% fat.

The first step is to put the cream in the glass and begin to beat, first slowly and progressively increasing the speed. In a few minutes, the first thing that will happen will be that the cream will mount, but if we continue beating, -about ten minutes will be necessary- soon the buttermilk and buttermilk will separate, being clearly differentiated.

Once we have the butter separated, we started working with it to refine it. To do this, it is best to use a couple of wooden pallets with which we crush, fold and stir the butter, so that any trapped serum escapes from its interior. It is the ideal time to taste and rectify the salt, taking advantage of the fact that the butter is very soft and manageable. Look at the image how when you move and crush the butter, you first make a paste and then the buttermilk begins to come out.

Later, we will eliminate that serum, (or we will save it for pastry preparations) and we will add cold water to wash the butter. Once the homemade butter has been washed with the water, we go back to working pressing with the woods to remove the water or some more whey again, repeating the process two or three times to stick with the best homemade butter we’ve ever tasted.

Of the 500 ml of liquid cream, You will get approximately 170 g of homemade butter. The process with the wooden pallets can also be done by putting the butter on a strainer and pressing with the back of a spoon so that the liquid comes out, either the whey at the beginning, or the butter wash water at the end of the process.

Homemade Butter Steps

Processing time | 30 minutes
Difficulty | Easy

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With what to accompany the Irish homemade butter recipe

Butter is one of the most used ingredients in all kitchens, both for toasts in breakfasts and to be used in frying and making sauces. With a homemade jam it is perfect. Now that you know how to make butter at home With this Irish recipe, be sure to try it to discover the taste of homemade products.

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