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How to make baked rice. Dry rice

25 mayo, 2021

Today it is the turn of the dry rice in the cooking course. Dry rices are those that are cooked either over a fire or in the oven, characterized in that just enough water is added so that the grain is cooked and at the same time whole.

The keys of a dry riceAs in previous occasions, they will be marked mainly by the type of rice grain that we are using since not all of them absorb the same amount of water, therefore the first thing we have to do is know the rice that we are going to use.

In addition, it is not the same to make a baked rice than a paella over a fire. The difference comes mainly from the level of evaporation obtained with one cooking method or another. In the first case, evaporation is practically null and therefore in the case of paella we will need more initial water since more water also evaporates.

Today we are going to prepare a very simple rice. It is a recipe that comes from my grandmother and that I change it every time I make it. It is a recipe for baked rice with chicken and beans.

Three easy and quick baked recipes, to eat well without messing up

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 300 g of Bomba rice, 600 ml of chicken broth, 200 g of fresh beans or in oil, 200 g of chicken without bones or skins, 1 onion, 2 garlic, 3 tomatoes, a pinch of saffron, salt and olive oil .

How to make a dry rice in the oven

These types of rice are all characterized by following the same steps in preparation. First we do the background. Then we add the rice. And finally we add the broth that will be boiling so as not to interrupt the cooking of the rice and we will let it cook over the fire and / or oven.

In our case, the bottom is made up of onion, garlic, tomato, chicken and broad beans. The onion and garlic will be finely chopped and poached. Then we will add the tomato cut into cubes without skin or seeds and finally we will add the chicken cut into pieces. I always say that to eat rice we don’t need a knife on the table, so there will be leftover bones, large pieces, etc. We will cook the bottom until it is very dry.

Add the rice and stir it for a couple of minutes. In this way, the starch will fixate to the grain and it will be more whole.

make baked rice

We add the broth that we will have boiling along with some saffron threads. Let it cook on the fire for 4 minutes before placing it in the oven at 190ºC for 14 more minutes.

When removing the rice, we let it rest for a couple of minutes covered with a cloth (very grandma) before serving it.

And so we get our dry baked rice. Now it only remains for you to practice with these or other ingredients of your choice.

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