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How to make avocado mayonnaise and how you can use it

25 mayo, 2021

To make the avocado mayonnaise, we need to mix the classic mayonnaise sauce with a mashed avocado. To make it, we can prepare a normal mayonnaise with the minipimer or we use a mayonnaise bought in the supermarket.

If like me you prefer a homemade mayonnaise, put an egg in the bottom of the blender glass, add the sunflower oil, a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon. Put the blender to the bottom and without moving it or lifting it, give it until it begins to emulsify. Then slowly but decisively raise the mixer and the homemade mayonnaise is already made.

Once the mayonnaise is prepared, put it in a bowl, and add the ripe avocado. The best thing is that you cut it into separate pieces and then when you mix it with the mayonnaise, grind it with a fork until it has the texture to your liking. If you want, you can make the mayonnaise and avocado mixture with a blender, but it will be more creamy and with less rustic texture. Matter of taste.

Avocado Mayonnaise Steps

Three quick and easy avocado recipes

How can you use avocado mayonnaise?

The avocado mayonnaise It is an excellent substitute for normal mayonnaise and you can use it in practically the same recipes that you use mayonnaise, which will also enjoy the extra touch of avocado flavor. Try it in a Russian salad, in rice salads, toasts, hamburgers or with fish fries and you will be surprised by the delicate avocado aftertaste that it leaves on the palate.