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How to make a unicorn candy table?

25 mayo, 2021

Having a special section for desserts is a fundamental requirement for a great party, this time we teach you how to prepare the best unicorn candy table, Step by Step.

Step by step for a unicorn candy table

1. Choose the base and size

Taking into account the space of the place where your party will be, then consider the number of guests, for example a 1.5m table will be enough for 20 guests. At this point you should also consider if your table will have more levels, although it is best to let only the central element stand out, which is usually the cake.

2. Think about colors

You are already clear that your theme will be unicorns, however you must decide if you will go for the range of pastel, cream and gold tones or if you will better focus on rainbows. If you go for the first option, your base color, the one that will predominate, will be cream or white, while if you opt for something more colorful, we suggest you choose only one color such as blue or pink.

unicorn candy table

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3. Look for containers

Depending on the desserts that you will place on your table, you will have to get different containers to present them, a base for the cake, flat plates of different sizes for cookies and cupcakes, jars or cups for the lollipops and chocolates, as well as mason jars or special cylinders for drinks or ice cream, including straws that match the colors. Speaking of shades, it’s best for containers to pick just one like white, pink, blue, and alternate with some sheer ones.

4. The center

A unicorn candy table cannot be complete without a unicorn cake in the center, you can choose the design that you like the most and that matches the whole design. For this you cannot lack a base and thus you will make it stand out throughout the table.

unicorn cake

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5. Accessories

In addition to the cake, you should think about the sweets with which you will fill your table, they can be cookies, cupcakes, jellies, ice cream, gaznates, lollipops, chocolates, macaroons, gummies or small chocolates and even drinks, whatever you like the most. your guests. Remember that everyone should follow the unicorn theme.

As for the number of guests, it is not necessary to place one piece of each sweet per guest, place only half or a third of the number of people.

6. Decoration

Look for decorative elements that complement your unicorn candy table, pennants, balloons, labels or confetti, you can place them on the wall, on the table, between the sweets, the containers, etc.

7. Locate the elements

  • The cake should be in the center of the table.
  • The cupckaes and cookies on plates or trays on the sides.
  • Jars and confectioners at the bottom of one of the sides.
  • Drinks or mason jars on the opposite side of the jars.

unicorn candy table

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