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How to make a Swiss meringue step by step. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

22 mayo, 2021

Do you often prepare meringue for your desserts? If so, many of you are sure that you simply beat egg whites together with sugar, that is, you make a French meringue. But Did you know that there are three techniques to make meringue? The French, Swiss and Italian method

Some time ago my partner María José explained to you how to prepare Italian meringue, perhaps the most complex of the three, today we are going to meet another of them, so we will know what it is. swiss meringue, what to use it for and of course how to prepare it at home step by step.

Lime cream and meringue tartlets.  Prescription

The meringue consists of egg whites and sugar. It is a light, foamy and fluffy or crunchy preparation depending on the end use and the type of cooking that we give it. As a curiosity to tell you that until the beginning of the 19th century, baked meringues were simply molded with a spoon, it was Carême, a French gourmet, cook and architect, who had the idea of ​​arranging them by using the pastry bag.

Lime Cream and Meringue Tartlets

Meringue is an ideal preparation for take advantage of the leftover whites from other pastry elaborations, both for filling and decorating cakes and pastries and baked in the form of small bites, it constitutes a delicious sweet that is also tolerated by celiacs.

Being a seemingly simple processingLet’s remember that it was only to beat whites and sugar, it may be that the final result is not what was expected, there are many problems that can occur, since the decorations sink, we are not stable enough to make drawings with sleeve or lose water while standing on top of cake.

For this I present to you Swiss meringue, a consistent meringue, much more than French and ideal for our decorations to remain very stable and perfectly withstand baking.

To make a perfect Swiss meringue you just need to follow a few simple stepsAlthough we must comply with them, especially what is related to temperatures, they are easy to comply with.


We will start by preparing a saucepan with a little water that we will put on the fire to boil. On top we will place a bowl that fits the contour of the pot, with the egg whites and sugar. We stir with a spatula or rod and we heat the water bath, controlling the temperature with a kitchen thermometer, until we see that the sugar dissolves, stirring without stopping and without exceeding 60 degrees centigrade, since higher temperatures would cause the white to coagulate.


Once the sugar is dissolved in the egg whites, we would transfer the preparation to the bowl of a whisk with rods, it could also be done by hand although the preparation time would be longer, and we let it cool a little. We add a few drops of lemon juice and begin to beat at medium speed until the whites begin to mount, then increasing the speed of the mixer and beating until meringue is completely cool and firm and shiny.

One proof that the meringue is fully whipped is that form a peak at the tip of the rod or when turning the bowl where we are beating it, it does not fall. Well, we already have our Swiss meringue ready to be used. Although it is a more stable meringue than the French one, it should be used without delay and consumed mainly on the day of its preparation so that it does not lose water during its conservation.


What are the advantages of Swiss meringue?

  • It is more stable than French and easier to make than Italian meringue
  • As the sugar dissolves in the whites with the heat, granulated sugar is perfect for us, we don’t need icing sugar, you will never notice the grains of sugar in your mouth
  • How the whites are going to heat up they don’t need to be at room temperature as in the french meringue
  • In addition, the whites during heating practically undergo pasteurization, so it is a meringue ideal for raw preparations
  • The amount of sugar can be increased up to 400 grams If the meringue we are going to use it raw for decorations, as this way the texture will be softer, on the other hand if it is for baking we will lower the amount of sugar and we can even put the same amount of sugar as the egg whites.