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How to make a sauce in 3 steps?

24 mayo, 2021

What gives our dishes a unique touch? Sure, the sauce! If it is the first time that you are going to prepare one, or you want to give a different touch to your recipes, we give you a basic guide to do it. Take note!

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Make your own sauce (without failing in the attempt)

Due to their multiple combinations, sauces are very useful in daily cooking; The same are used as an ingredient in the preparation of a recipe or as a complement to an already prepared dish. How you are going to use it is your choice.

The basic procedure to do them consists of:

1. Heat the fat in a pan

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It can be butter, oil, cream or lard (pork or vegetable). We recommend using butter if your sauce is sweet, and the other options for sauces.

Later, add the element that will make it thicken. You can use wheat flour, cornstarch, or even an egg yolk.

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2. Do you already have your ingredients?

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Remember that there are sauces sweeter than others. The choice depends on the dish in which you are going to use it, but you also have the freedom to try combinations. Whatever the base ingredient, you can blend it with liqueurs, fruit juices, milk, or just water.

If the sauce is salty, add a clove of garlic to the blender. If you want it more accentuated, add a 1/4 tablespoon of pepper.

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3. Done! It’s time to pour the sauce into the pan

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Do it slowly so that the oil does not splash and you can burn yourself. Bring the blender glass as close as possible to the pan and empty little by little. Do not forget to stir constantly so that the mixture remains homogeneous, and also rectify the seasoning so that it is to your liking.

Sauces can have a variety of consistencies, from light to very thick. Achieving the desired point will depend on the cooking time, thus, a condensed sauce needs to be cooked over medium heat and with the container uncovered.

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