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How to make a perfect vegetable grill

25 mayo, 2021

Although when thinking of barbecues, most think of delicious meat barbecues, Argentine roasts or Brazilian steaks, one of the food groups that are best when cooked on the grill is that of vegetables. Therefore, today we want to give you the keys so that you know how to make a perfect vegetable grill.

Vegetables and vegetables cooked on the grill or on the grill are an excellent garnish, and more than that, they are the best option to eat healthy and light, enjoying the most authentic flavor of these products and without ingesting too many calories.

How to make a perfect vegetable grill

What do you need?


To make a good barbecue of vegetables we need the products to be fresh and of good quality so that its flavor is authentic and tasty. That is why it is preferable to make them with the products that are full season.

In addition, we will need a good griddle or grill, -or a carmela or ribbed pan-, a handful of salt maldon and a extra virgin olive oil of quality, to enhance the vegetables at the time of serving.

Recommended vegetables and greens

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Virtually all vegetables can be grilled. Leeks, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergines, carrots and asparagus are the most common, but you can also use potatoes, peppers and mushrooms, to make each bite taste different.

How to grill vegetables?

If, like me, you like stripes on each piece, it is important that you heat the grill very much before putting the vegetables on top. Thus, as the surface is very hot, quickly mark the pieces by making the drawings or stripes that are so pleasing to the eye. We don’t want to fry the vegetables but rather grill them and that’s why we will hardly use oilAlthough a few drops spread with a brush or silicone brush work well to accelerate the transmission of heat and to prevent the pieces from sticking in the pan or grill.

Regarding the cuts, you can cut the vegetables into slices, or cut them in half lengthwise. Keep in mind that the thickness of the cut will depend on the time necessary for them to be well cooked inside. To speed up the times, you can use a mandolin and cut very thin slices that are done in no time.

Grilled Vegetables And Vegetables

In my opinion, it is better to make each vegetable separately, little by little since each vegetable has its necessary time, and also, depending on the size or thickness of the chosen cut, it will require more or less time. Therefore, the best way is to make each variety separately and then put them all together when placing them in the source in which they are going to be served.

How is it possible that the first ones have stayed a little cold, a good technique is usually to put everything back on the grill so that all the pieces are hot, and then arrange them in the source to take them to the table. They can also be passed to a baking dish as they are roasted and kept warm in the oven at 50ºC for the same purpose.

Approximate times

Depending on the power of the fire and the thickness of each vegetable, cooking on the grill is not an exact science, but approximately you will need to have the aubergines, potatoes and peppers about twelve minutes -six for each side- so they are well done.


For him zucchiniIt depends on how you prepare it. If you cut it in half lengthwise it will take between eight and ten minutes but if you cut it into slices with the mandolin, it will take very little time –two or three minutes for each face depending on the thickness – in being at its point.

Other vegetables like onions, mushrooms and tomatoesAs they have more water and are softer, they will be ready as soon as their surface is browned, approximately six to eight minutes -three or four on each side-.

Vegetable grill service

Barbecue service

Whether you serve it or starter or single dish as if you want to use these grilled veggies as Garrison, My recommendation is to distribute them in a source, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on top and place on them some crystals or flakes of Maldon salt or similar.

You can also make a vinaigrette, with oil, vinegar, crushed nuts in the mortar and a few grains of coarse salt, and once at the table, emulsify well beating with a fork and serve one or two tablespoons of this vinaigrette over the vegetables.

Last tips for grilling vegetables

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  • Be brave and dare to grill other vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts or broccoli, which you usually eat cooked. You will surely discover that you love trying them with another texture.
  • Sprinkle the vegetables once cooked with aromatic herbs. You will be surprised how its flavor is enhanced.
  • Although they take a little longer, you can also make the roasted vegetables in the oven, for example taking advantage of the fact that we are roasting a chicken or a piece of meat.
  • Try to grill a lettuce – the buds are great – and it leaves everyone with their mouths open.

With these guidelines, you just need to choose what you want to grill today and prepare a perfect vegetable grill, to serve as a starter, as a main or as a side dish. Enjoy your meal!

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