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How to Make a Perfect Breaded Chicken Milanese

25 mayo, 2021

Is it the first time that you are going to do a breaded chicken milanesa Or have you already done it and it does not fit as you wish? Do not worry! Here we give you the best tips to make it perfect and delicious. Take note!

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Chicken Milanese ingredients: the key to a great preparation

You should know that choosing the correct ingredients is key to achieving a delicious and well-made dish:

Chicken steaks

Chicken fillets for milanesa

Fillets for chicken milanesa (Photo: Getty Images)

These should be boneless breast and open in half. The best thing is that they are not thick.

For thicker, more consistent cuts, you can order fillets made from chicken thigh.

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The egg for your chicken milanesa: how much to use

Egg to make chicken milanesa

Egg to make chicken milanesa (Photo: Getty Images)

One medium beaten egg is perfect for two steaks. A trick to make it delicious is to add a splash of soda or beer.

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The breading

Although the breaded is usually passed only once, the truth is that the breaded ones will be better if you breaded twice:

Once you have the chicken fillet ready and clean with salt and pepper, you cover it with bread, then dip it in the egg mixture, drain it, and run it through the bread again. This will make it crispier.

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What to bread the chicken milanesa with

The breasts are breaded with ground bread, or it can be with wheat flour.

There are many types of breading, but we recommend that, to give your recipe a healthy touch, you use ground oats. It will be delicious!

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Give a plus to the breading

Ras el hanout: mix of spices and condiments

(Photo: Getty Images)

Do you want to give it an extra touch of flavor? Use some garlic powder, oregano powder, ginger, turmeric, or Italian herbs. The spice that you prefer the most!

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Cooking a chicken milanesa

How to fry chicken milanesa

How to fry chicken milanesa (Photo: Getty Images)

It is best to cook over medium heat and fry with deep oil.

If you want to avoid using fat, cook on one side first and then the other. Don’t constantly change or the breading will fall off. Look at the edges to see if the milanesa is well cooked.

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