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How to make a homemade compost with your kitchen waste

26 mayo, 2021

Organic waste from your kitchen is really useful when it comes to taking care of our garden, since it can be used to make a homemade compost.

Go ahead and take advantage of your kitchen waste and make this homemade compost easily. We give you the step by step!

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What is a compost?

This is a type of soil made from organic waste and obtained from a process called composting.

In this process, the microorganisms decompose the organic matter to generate a kind of compost that contributes to improving the environment and enriching the land and crops.

The residues that are recommended to compost are:

  • Greens, such as fruits and vegetables; Eggshells and also coffee remains, as they have a high nitrogen content.
  • Also recommended are “brown” items, such as pieces of wood, cow, horse, sheep droppings, cardboard, paper, and dead leaves, which add a high carbon content to the compost.
  • In addition, you need a compost bin: this can be a jar that has metal slits as a lid that allow it to be ventilated.

Composting organic waste (Photo: Getty Images)

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Step by Step:

  1. Place a layer of straw about 30 centimeters high in the boat and on top of it, garden waste, sawdust, vegetable waste and moisten with a little water.
  2. Add a 2-inch layer of food scraps and re-moisten.
  3. Add a 4-inch layer of shredded manure and moisten.
  4. Alternate other layers equal to the previous ones.
  5. Turn the compost over every 2 weeks and then every week. Take care of its temperature and humidity.
  6. Once the compost is ready, store on a shoreline and store in a dry place until you use it to fertilize your garden.

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