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How to make a good stir-fry for our stew, rice and stew recipes

25 mayo, 2021

As you regulars well know, a good stir-fry It is the basis of many recipes: paellas, stews and stews usually begin their preparation with a sauce made over low heat, to which a broth is then added together with the main ingredients. For that reason, today we want to show you how to make a good stir-fry for our stew, rice and stew recipes, and you will see how they will improve a lot with this elaboration.

Think that a good homemade stir-fry provides a concentrated and intense flavor to the final plate. By means of this technique, the vegetables used are falling apart when they lose their water while its nutrients, flavors and aromas are concentrated during the process.

Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

How to make a good stir-fry for our stew, rice and stew recipes

Basic Sofrito Ingredients

To make a good stir-fry, we will use different ingredients depending on the dish we are going to prepare. In general, we will use garlic, onion or leek cloves, green pepper and tomatoes, also incorporating ñoras or chorizo ​​peppers in some preparations.

To make the sauce, We will start by chopping the vegetables in brunoise or concassé, and we will poach them over low heat in a pan with olive oil. If we are going to incorporate dried peppers or ñoras, we will leave them soaked in hot water to be able to extract their meat and incorporate it into the sauce as we will see later.

It’s about going slowly confiting or poaching the ingredients, without looking for their caramelization or toasting, since what we are interested in is evaporating the water and concentrating the flavor. In the process, we will stir from time to time until the vegetables are at the desired point. Important: The secret of a good stir-fry is patience.

As we said, according to the recipe we want to make, We will add to the indicated vegetables others such as aubergines, carrots, courgettes. We can also incorporate spices, aromatic herbs, -thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley- and other ingredients such as mushrooms, meats, anchovies, which will enhance the flavor, depending on the preparation.

Prepare a sauce to have it ready and at hand

Sofritos 3

The essential ingredients of a sofrito They are: garlic, onion or leek and tomatoes. From there, your imagination sets the limit. Other common ingredients in the sauce are: green and red pepper, roasted Señora or chorizo ​​pepper meat, paprika, saffron, and any seasonal vegetables.

I recommend that prepare a sauce with two or three tomatoes, three cloves of garlic, a large leek or a couple of onions, a green pepper and two or three ñoras, and then grind it and keep it in glass jars, and so you will have it ready and at hand when you want to cook a rice, a meat stew or a chicken stew, for example.

Interesting trick: if your stew, your stew or your rice recipe is going to include pieces of fish, prawns, chicken or pieces of meat, you can start the recipe by browning these ingredients first and then making the sauce with the oil impregnated with its flavor. We remove and reserve the slices and make the sauce in that oil, in the same casserole or frying pan.

How to make a basic stir-fry

In the following image you can see the first part of the process. We poach the onion or the leek, we add the peppers and when everything is well poached, we add the chopped tomatoes. It is better to do it this way because tomatoes release a lot of While they release it and evaporate it, we take the opportunity to remove the meat from the ñoras or choriceros that we have had to soak, incorporating the meat of these peppers to the sauce, as you can see in the collage.

Sofrito Steps

It is important to remember again that the sauce must be done over low heat so that the vegetables caramelize slowly, the water evaporates and our dishes have more flavor. Do not be in a hurry when preparing your sauce because it will be the base for your stew, put the ingredients over low heat until they are well done.

Once well poached, we can add aromatic herbs, a garlic mash, parsley and saffron to the sauce or simply crush it. For this, I recommend doing it with a masher, because there will be all the skins and seeds and also, will not put air into our elaboration. The resulting texture of the crushed sofrito will be perfect. If you want thicker, you can continue reducing in the pan.

Sofrito Final Steps

Finally, all that remains is store our homemade sofrito in small sterilized jars as when we make jams, to have it available for when we want to make a stew, a rice soup, a paella or a stew with an extra flavor. These jars can be frozen or vacuum sealed to last for several months in perfect condition.

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