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How to make a fish stock or stock

23 mayo, 2021

To make a good stock we will need a tall and narrow container, called a kettle. In it we can make a large amount of broth and then freeze it. To make our broth, We put all the ingredients in the kettle with the COLD water and we are going to put the heat to the maximum. As it heats up, a foam comes out that we must remove, since it can spoil the final result.

With a slotted spoon or saucepan we carry out this operation as many times as necessary. When it starts to boil, we scare the preparation by adding a little cold water where it is cooking and when it returns to the boil we count 30 minutes. We turn off and rectify the salt.

At the end of cooking, a very important task must be carried out, which is the clarification of the stock or fish broth. This can be done in many and varied ways. The simplest thing is to pass it through a fine strainer covered with kitchen paper, but we can use a cotton cloth or even the filters of drip coffee makers. This way, only the broth will pass without its impurities.

Once the broth is strained, we can keep for 3 days in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer, where it will be ready for when we want to use it or incorporate it into any other recipe as a base.

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What to use fish broth or stock in

The Fish broth or stock is perfect for making rice and paellas based on seafood, such as black squid rice or the always successful seafood paella. Also to make squid in American sauce, creams such as crab or stews such as monkfish fideuá, for example.

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