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How to make a film baked chicken. Tips for the perfect rotisserie chicken

23 mayo, 2021

If there is a classic in domestic cooking, it is baked chicken. A recipe that, a priori, may seem simple because you just have to season the chicken, put it in the oven and wait a certain time. However, it doesn’t always look good on us. Making a film baked chickenWith a crunchy crust, tasty meat and juicy breasts, it has its own, but we have the tricks to make it perfect.

We start from the base of a whole chicken, clean of entrails, remains of fat and feathers. The first thing we do is make sure that it is very clean, if we find any remains, we remove it and wash the chicken with water, drying it thoroughly with absorbent paper. It is important that it is very dry so that when it is baked, it does not cook but is roasted and that our route stops get a movie baked chicken get off to a good start.

Three easy and quick baked recipes, to eat well without messing up

Tips for a taste of cinema

season roast chicken


For the baked chicken to be at its flavor point, we only need to season it with salt and pepper. It is important to season, especially, the inside of the chicken, because the flavor of the meat depends on this seasoning, specifically that of the breast. The exterior can be seasoned only with pepper, dispensing with salt to avoid dryness.

To this basic mixture, other spices can be added to suit each individual’s taste: cumin, chili, turmeric, paprika, etc. The dry mix of spices can be enriched with tomato sauce or concentrate, lemon, lime or orange juice, yogurt, kefir, oil or even water. With this, we will obtain a paste with which spread the chicken well in all its nooks, inside and outside.


Stuffed Chicken Roast

This old trick deserves a place among our recommendations. Introduce a lemon inside the chicken adds aroma, juiciness and flavor to the result. If we want all this to be enhanced, we can give the lemon a short boil and prick it with a knife, or cut it into two halves, before introducing it into the chicken. There are those who, like Gordon Ramsay, complete the filling with a chopped onion or chorizo. Others add mushrooms, yogurt, etc.

Greasing the meat

Spreading a layer of butter between the skin and meat of the breasts is an effective way to add juiciness and flavor, since fat penetrates the meat as it melts due to heat. This trick can be sophisticated if we prepare a compound butter and flavor it with garlic paste, salt, pepper, citrus zest, herbs, spices, etc. As with the seasoning, here you can play with the spice mixes to give different touches of flavor.

Compound butter

It is important that the butter is at room temperature and that the seasoning mixture, if you choose to make it, is homogeneous. Then, with the hand, it is inserted between the skin and the breast of the chicken and is carefully spread. Both from the back and from the neck, you have to peel off the skin of the meat with your fingers to introduce the mixture, ensuring that the skin is sealed again afterwards.


After seasoning, stuffing and greasing the chicken, it should be left to rest for an hour or two (at room temperature if it is not hot and cold if the room temperature is high) before placing it in the oven. The rest helps meat infuse with nuances and aromas and guarantees an explosion of flavor when tasted.


Finally, so that the chicken does not dry out excessively during cooking, you can rub with oil, broth and / or water just before putting it in the oven. To do this, we grease or wet our hands and massage the chicken well, making sure to reach all its corners.

Tips for a film cooking

To flange or not to flange

Chicken bridle

A flanged roast chicken, with the thighs and wings close to the body, is much more aesthetic than a non-flanged one, whose legs are separated and give it a somewhat laughable appearance. Nevertheless, bridging the chicken can make it difficult to cook properly of certain parts of the chicken such as the inside of the thighs. In this article you can learn how to bridle the chicken in case you decide on this technique.

Crispy golden skin

What the skin of the chicken is “crunch” when sinking the tooth It is one of the key points of a movie baked chicken, but also one of the most difficult to obtain. To achieve this you have to have a lot of control of the oven, so practice on your part and knowledge of your appliance are essential.

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However, to achieve it (or, at least, get close to it) we have two recommendations. The first is to season the chicken only on the inside and dispense with the outside seasoning. Salt draws in moisture, and if we season the outside of the chicken, the skin will cook and be soft. The second is to roast the oven at a high temperature for the last 10-15 minutes. We remove the chicken while the temperature is adjusted and we introduce it again when the correct temperature has been reached.

Tandem cooking temperature and time

As a general rule, we pre-heat the oven to 180 ºC and calculate the necessary cooking time based on the weight of the chicken: 30 minutes for every 500 grams, flipping it in half. If the chicken is stuffed, we increase the time by 15 more minutes. However, each oven is a world so it is convenient, using these guidelines as a guide, to find the appropriate temperature and time relationship to which our ovens respond and to adjust to it in the future.

Temperature and time

A baked chicken it is ready when its internal temperature reaches 74 ºC, which can also be achieved by increasing the oven time and decreasing the temperature. Some great chefs, such as Heston Blumenthal, use a double cooking system that consists of roasting the chicken at 90 ºC for an hour and a half, letting it rest for 45 minutes and finishing it with a short bake of 10 minutes at the maximum temperature (250- 275 ºC) allowed by the oven.

According to Blumenthal, the low temperature keeps all the moisture inside the chicken and makes it juicier, while a high temperature has the opposite effect on meats, as it contracts and dries them. This is why the last high-heat heat stroke is so short and its sole purpose is to brown the skin and give it a crisp touch.

Placing in the oven

Almost every home oven comes equipped with a skewering device that rotates the chicken on its axis so that it bakes equally on all sides, in true commercial rotisserie style. This is, without a doubt, the best way to do it, but it is very likely that you do not know where it is, or how it works, so we resort to the traditional chicken placement system on a roaster with a wire rack or directly on the oven rack.

Roast Chicken Oven

This technique gives very good results because the chicken, not coming into direct contact with any liquid, is crispy on the outside. The chicken is placed halfway up in the oven and, below this, there is a tray with various vegetables that are roasted while collecting the juices that it releases. Vegetables can be washed down with a little water or white wine and serve as a garnish. The juice is blended in a pan, out of the oven and over the fire, with a little flour to form a sauce.

As you will see, get a movie roast chicken it requires the consideration of many factors that, only with time and practice, will we be able to master. It is not impossible and the result well deserves that you put into practice all these tips that, adjusted to the means of each one, will bring you, every day a little closer, to the perfect roast chicken.

Images | Amy Stephenson, Alvin Smith, Chris Waits on Flickr
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