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How to make a Day of the Dead offering and its traditional dishes

25 mayo, 2021

A few days before November, streets, squares and homes are decorated with a Day of the dead offering. These would not be the same without the traditional food of the season.

That’s how it is! Mexican gastronomy is also a key point in this celebration. And that is why we want to share with you the traditional recipes for a Day of the Dead offering. Take note of everything you need to have your own altar at home.

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Elements of the Day of the Dead offering


Give your offering a very special touch with these traditional dishes made by you.

See Recipes:

  • How to prepare chocolate skulls for the Day of the Dead

    chocolate skulls

    Decorate your offering or make a skull exchange with your own recipe. The best thing is that you can prepare them with your whole family.

  • Pan de Muerto easy recipe

    traditional dead bread

    This recipe for pan de muerto is ideal to share with all your family and friends, besides being very delicious and easy to prepare, you just have to follow our steps.

  • Pumpkin candy with traditional piloncillo

    pumpkin candy

    It is the perfect time for you to enjoy this traditional pumpkin fudge. And the best part is that you can easily prepare it at home!

  • Tamarind tamales

    tamarind tamales

    To pamper your guests in these national holidays, nothing better than these typical tamarind tamales. Learn to do them easily.

  • Oaxacan mole tamale

    Oaxacan mole tamale

    We know that you cannot resist a traditional Mexican dish and that is why we help you prepare an authentic Oaxacan mole tamale. Read on and discover the recipe. Curiosities…

  • Super easy rich guava atole

    Super easy rich guava atole

    Whether to start the day or warm up at night, an ideal option is the guava atole. Besides being delicious, it is very fast and easy to …