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How to make a confit. Cooking techniques

25 mayo, 2021

One more week we continue with the cooking course. We were using genre-specific cooking techniques. Today we are going to see how to make a confit.

The confit is a specific cooking technique referring especially to meats, although nowadays confit is made with fish (mainly salmon, tuna and cod) and vegetables.

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Consists in introduce gender into a type of fat (clarified butter, olive oil, lard, etc.) and cook it at a low temperature (between 60 and 90 ºC, depending on the gender) until it is cooked.

In this way, with the confit, it is achieved that the fats melt in the cooking medium and the juices that are not fat soluble remain inside the food, leaving it juicy and tender.

The steps to make a confit are:

  • Food preparation, eliminating unnecessary fats, cleaning it if necessary.
  • Selection of the aromatic elements to use. Bay leaf, thyme, cloves, garlic, rosemary, thyme, etc. They are just some of the elements that we can use. Salt always last, before serving.
  • It is cooked cut into portions or by pieces if it is a small genre.
  • We must control the temperature at all times and that there is no boiling or that the fat is smoking. It is best to use special thermometers that are immersed in the fabric or by infrared.
Step by step of the confit

The confit we can use, as I said before, for meat and poultry, fish, greens and vegetables. Being the fat, the time and the aromatic elements different.

For example in meats, like suckling pig, typical aromatic elements of the field are used, such as pepper, cloves, rosemary, thyme, etc. It is cooked divided into portions, directly immersed in olive oil at about 80ºC for about two hours. Before serving at the table, we lightly roast it so that it takes on color.

Another highly prized meat for confit is rabbit. It comes out delicious. We can use the same technique as with the suckling pig.

The fish that are most used for confit are: salmon, cod and tuna. Cut into portions or in tacos (tuna), they are confit at 60-65ºC for about 15 minutes.

The vegetables and greens, It’s very similar. It is best to do it in clarified butter, although olive oil can often be used as well. For example, Adriá’s famous tortilla foam is made with confit potato. The temperature is 60 ºC and the time varies according to the size of the vegetables, generally from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

The duck confit (confit du canard) is perhaps the most traditional recipe for confit. The duck is cleaned and cut into quarters and macerated in the flavoring genre that we want.

Then it is added to the fat of the hot duck itself, at about 65 ºC, and we cook it for about two hours. It is a very common method to preserve the “confit” itself.

I remember a French friend who told me that this fat was liquid gold for them, in fact it is used over and over again to keep confining, as many times as more ducks and geese.

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There are fewer specific cooking techniques left, so far how to make a confit.

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