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How to keep your vegetables fresh

28 mayo, 2021

The quality of the ingredients is essential to create healthy dishes, that’s why we want to show you how to keep your fresh vegetables for longer.

The real secret to preparing exquisite dishes is taking care of even the smallest detail and that includes the state of the ingredients, but especially if you want to maintain a healthy kitchen for your whole family, you must make sure you always have fresh vegetables.

We know how bad it feels to open your refrigerator and see your vegetables spoiled, as well as the expense and waste they represent. Conditions such as the weather, season, packaging and handling that you give your vegetables can speed up or slow down the decomposition process, follow the following tips and keep them fresh for longer.

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Wooden racks are perfect for storing vegetables at room temperature.

Tips for always having fresh vegetables

  • Do not wash them before using them: If you are not going to use them yet, just keep them, if they have a little dust or dirt, use a napkin, but never put them in water since you risk destroying the natural layer that protects them from the putrefaction and thus accelerate this process.
  • Eliminate humidity: Sometimes vegetables have a little water due to the refrigerators or warehouses in which they are when you buy them, the problem is that humidity increases the risk of fungi, so to avoid it you have to dry well before save them.
  • Separate fruits from vegetables: This prevents the ethylene produced by some fruits from damaging your vegetables.
  • If you use plastic bags, make sure they are dry and have perforations so that they do not store moisture.
  • Not all go in the refrigerator: Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers keep best at room temperature.
  • Garlic, potatoes and onions go in the dark, keep them in a cool place, without light or humidity.
  • Separate them: Do not put potatoes, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers together with other vegetables as they can accelerate their decomposition and affect others.
  • Take care of the ventilation: Do not leave them in a drawer in your kitchen or in a basket under the dishwasher, better put them on a plastic or wooden grate in a cool place with a draft.
  • Do not leave them for more than one or two weeks: Over time the flavor and aroma are lost.
  • Take care of the temperature of the refrigerator and place them in the special drawers for vegetables.
  • Store the peeled and cut vegetables in a jar with a little water.

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