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How to keep flies away: 5 super effective home remedies

25 mayo, 2021

With the arrival of the hot season, different insects, including flies, are attracted to different spaces in our homes. And it is very important to know how to repel flies before they become a real nuisance.

And, in addition to the fact that their presence is usually very annoying, flies are transmitters of various diseases, because they are usually in the garbage, in places with bad smells and also in the feces of different animals.

That is why we share these very effective home remedies to scare them away and prevent them from being in your home. Take note!

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How to keep flies away: try these home remedies

Hanging Clear Water Bags

How to keep flies away

How to keep flies away: water bags are one of the most curious but effective remedies that exist. (Photo: Getty Images)

It seems like a joke, but it is not. We have seen this trick in various food stalls and even shops. And it is that same proves its effectiveness.

Here’s why: when the sun’s rays pass through water, it causes a prism and breaks the light into a rainbow, which flies hate.

You can hang these bags on the windows of your house, on tree branches near your home, and even on a clothesline. The important thing is that there is light.

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How to keep flies away: lemon with cloves

lemon with cloves: how to keep flies away

Lemon with cloves: how to keep flies away (Photo: Getty Images)

The scent of these two ingredients, combined, is a very effective fly repellent. All you have to do is cut a lemon and place the cloves in the flesh of the fruit.

Place the lemon with nails in different corners of your home and on the windows. Try to change it daily for the best effect.

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Apple vinager

Apple vinager

(Photo: Getty Images)

This serves as a trap for flies and other insects: cut a plastic bottle in half and add a little apple cider vinegar to the bottom. Liego, turn the neck of the bottle in reverse. The flies will be captured.

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Aromatic plants: how to repel flies with herbs

Transplanting from one pot to another

(Photo: Getty Images)

Plants like lavender, mint, citronella, basil, and rosemary are perfect for preventing flies from entering your home.

You can place them as vases on the windows or take advantage of the situation and have pots with these herbs that are also very useful for cooking.

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(Photo: Getty Images)

The strong aroma of this drink also drives them away. What you can do is place a little of this drink in a diffuser or air freshener and place it in your kitchen and bedrooms.

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