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How to improve your fish fries

25 mayo, 2021

The little fish fried or fried fish is one of the richest dishes that we can take at aperitif time, as a snack or as a main dish in a family meal. However, there are many who complain that fish is not the same at home as in restaurants. That’s why today we are going to tell you how to improve your fish fries, with the tricks so that when you make an assortment of fried fish at home, it looks as if you had bought it at the best fryer Cadiz or Malaga.

There are three fundamental elements in a quality frying: The taste, which will depend on the quality of the ingredients, both the product to be fried and the quality of the oil used and its cleanliness; the breaded, which should be crunchy and at the same time be fine; and finally the fat, which should not be noticed neither in the little fish nor in the source in which it is served.

The best restaurants serve the fish on a paper lace that perfectly shows that it has no fat. How to get these three factors so that you have a film fry? Let’s see the process step by step.

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How to improve your fish fries

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We are going to analyze point by point, what are the secrets to getting a quality fried fish or fried fish, so that the anchovies, squid, dogfish, heartburn or chopitos are yummy.

The ingredients

Fried Choco

Fried fish, -including in this section other fried seafood such as squid, chopitos, etc- is a snack that is eaten freshly made. Here it is not possible to do it and reheat it, because it will not be the same. On the other hand, the frying is very short and at a very high temperature, so it is very important that the fish or product being fried is very fresh so it doesn’t have any strange taste.

Fried anchovies

The frying oil can be sunflower oil or olive oil. After numerous tests and after visiting numerous places specialized in frying, the best to do this process is extra virgin olive oil, due to its resistance to degradation at temperatures around 170º as well as its low thermo-oxidation.

It is very important to frequently change the oil in which it is fried, to avoid that the remains of flour from the batter spoil the oil. In establishments dedicated to frying, electric fryers are always used and the oil is usually changed every day, or even twice a day.

Clean Fryer And Strainer

In addition, it is very important to clean the fryers so that they do not transmit any flavor to the product. At the domestic levelTaking into account that we will not fry every day, we must keep the oil clean, changing it when it begins to have solid residues or when it has been in the fryer for more than 30 days.

The batter

Batter Detail

The best fish fries are those in which it is coated only with flour, without using egg. A wheat flour can be used, or a chickpea flour, or a mixture of both. The flour must be clean clean, removing from it the “globs” that are formed by the moisture of the product to be fried, so that it is fine and slightly covers the fish or seafood that we are making.

Battered Ready

It is very important to remove excess flour from the fish before frying it. So the coating or batter will be thin and delicate, and will not absorb oil. To do this, bars and restaurants use sieves or flour mills that, when shaken, allow the excess to fall back into the flour tank. At home we can do the same operation using a strainer and making the fish jump so that it throws out the excess flour.

Drain Fish Flour

For the batter to be very crispy, it is very important what we will see in the next point, the frying, since it isI fry the chopped slices or with the warm oil, our batter will be greasy and we will not enjoy our frying the same.

The fry

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It’s very important fry the fish once coated in hot oil. If we add the fish slices before the oil is at 170º, the batter flour will absorb the oil instead of forming a kind of crust. The fish would be oily and not juicy on the inside.

Deep fryer

In addition to controlling the temperature of the oil when adding the fish, it is also important do not add too much fish at once or it will lower the temperature of the oil with the same unwanted effects. Therefore, unless you have a large fryer, it is preferable to fry the fish, by batches.

The draining of the frying

Anchovies Paper

It is essential to drain the fried fish well, to eliminate the oil from the frying. This way we achieve not only that we have nothing greasy but with a very crunchy batter. Remember that if the oil is in contact with the coating layer, it will be soft immediately. The best is remove the frying from the oil and drain it well on absorbent paper, before transferring it to the plate or source where we are going to serve it.

The process of preparing and frying the fish should be quick

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It is convenient prepare the fish to do all the steps quickly. We put the oil to heat, we batter the fish, drain the excess flour and fry it immediately. When removing the fish from the oil, we drain it well, leaving it on absorbent paper and we serve it immediately, very hot so that it maintains a crunchy batter and a juicy interior.

Now that you know how to improve your fish fries, the question is what you want more. Will they be fried anchovies? Will it be squid or cuttlefish squid? Will it be a portion of bienmesabe or marinated dogfish? There are so many options that it is best to decide at the counter of your fishmonger.

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