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How to fry Burgos black pudding so that it is crispy and does not fall apart: recipe

24 mayo, 2021

Blood sausage is one of those humble pleasures that Spanish gastronomy offers us such good examples. This sausage made with pig’s blood, onion and, in many places, rice, is not difficult to cook. But get it to be perfect, with a crispy exterior and a juicy interior, has its trick.

To prepare this recipe we have used black pudding from the recently released Protected Geographical Indication of Morcilla de Burgos, but it can be used for any other variety of rice black pudding.

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There are those who coat the blood sausages in flour, so that they do not fall apart, but if the sausage is good and is fried correctly it is an unnecessary addition, which does not contribute anything to the final result and unnecessarily increases the calories on the plate. We recommend not to use it.

The important thing, in any case, is fry the blood sausage in abundant oil. It is not by chance that the Spanish proverb includes the expression “go fry black pudding” and not “go make grilled black pudding”. The rice black pudding is better fried.

If we have bought the vacuum sausage it is important open the container 15 minutes before cooking, so that the sausage is aerated. If we also kept it in the fridge, it is recommended that it be tempered for a little longer.

First of all, we remove the cord and the staples from the blood sausage, which, of course, we discard. Later, cut the blood sausage into not very thick slices, about a centimeter and a half.

On a skillet, we heat plenty of sunflower oil, much better for this recipe than olive oil, because we need it to reach a higher temperature and not taste the sausage.

When the sunflower oil is very hot, we introduce the slices of blood sausage, which we must fry for about a minute and a half per side. We will know that it is well done if the rice grains are well toasted and acquire a brown hue.

As in any frying, it is important not to add too many slices at the same time. For a normal-size pan and blood sausage, the ideal is to fry it in two batches.

As the blood sausage slices are made, we place them on kitchen paper to remove excess fat. We serve immediately.

Black pudding collage

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With what to accompany the blood sausage

A well-fried black pudding is a great appetizer, but we also love it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, accompanied by a fried egg or a salad and, of course, some bread.

Blood sausage has a reputation for being indigestible. But the good ones, which are distinguished above all by having a higher content of onion, which is its main ingredient, they are not particularly heavyNot even when it comes to calories. We speak of around 250 Kcal per 100 g, an amount similar to that of chicken meat.

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