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How to decorate your kitchen with crates

25 mayo, 2021

If you are looking for a way to give your kitchen decor a twist, we suggest using huacales, are inexpensive and practical. Read on and find out how you can use them.

The crates or fruit boxes as others know them, are basically wooden boxes formed with spaced planks and are also an ecofriendly option to give a vintage twist to your kitchen. They are very easy to get, so they will also help you save money and avoid expensive decorations. The best thing about these items is that they are multi-purpose and to adapt them to your home you just have to choose one of these varieties.

6 Ways to use crates in your kitchen

Stock: You only have to place one on top of the other vertically, for this we suggest you remove the first two planks from the front of each crate and thus have space to introduce the food or objects that you are going to store. You can glue a pair of wheels last to make your warehouse mobile.

Shelves: Fix them horizontally on the walls of your kitchen, you can use them to place dishes, tools, jar or food.

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crate shelves

To assemble the shelves it is best to place them horizontally and make sure they are the same width.

Drawers: Whether you have a cabinet with a large space at the bottom or you want to add more partitions to a shelf or in your cupboard, they are perfect as drawers to classify and divide your utensils or food.

Shelving: Form a pile of crates that goes from the floor to the ceiling of your kitchen, or to the height that you choose, you just have to place one on top of the other with the top (open) facing the front, you can place your Easy Kitchen magazines, kitchen tools kitchen, decorations and even utensils like your blender or mixer.

Home garden: Place inside a piece of plastic that covers the bottom and at least half of the sides, add a little soil and place the seeds you want.

Lamps: For this, those that are elongated and not so high are required, that is, with only a small board high, you only have to fix them to the ceiling to cover the light connections.

Fruit platter: Wood is a good material to store your fruits, you just have to place it in a place where it is not directly exposed to the sun and voila, it will be a very subtle and organic touch for your kitchen.

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crates 3

When varnishing or painting your huacal, you can add some brushstrokes in a lighter tone to give it more style.

Tips for decorating with crates

  • If you don’t want to buy them, you can go to fruit and vegetable stores to get them.
  • Before using, wash them, let them dry and sand a bit to remove any imperfections.
  • You can paint them the color you like, the white and gray tones give more illumination or if you want to maintain a more classic style you will only have to varnish them.
  • To form shelves or shelves, make sure that the crates are the same size.
  • If your crates have different sizes, play with it and when fixing them to the wall distribute them unevenly, one horizontally and the other vertically, this will give it a more modern look.
  • Use the small huaceles to place candles or decorations that give a special touch to your kitchen.
  • Find the dead or empty spaces in your kitchen to place them.
  • Choose a style, use the style of the rest of your kitchen furniture as a base to guide you and create a new concept.

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