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How to cut a whole chicken in simple steps

29 mayo, 2021

If you want to cook chicken, one of the basic techniques is knowing how to divide it into parts. Do not worry! Here we teach you how to cut a chicken in very simple steps.

You will need a good knife, proper scissors, and a bit of dexterity (which comes with practice). In addition, with this procedure you can split all kinds of birds such as turkeys or ducks.

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Split the center and clip the wings

After learning how to cut a whole chicken, continue to cut part by part:

  • The center of the chicken consists of the middle part of the bird, without the legs and the rump, that is, the breasts and wings attached to the bone.
  • If the breasts are to be cooked on the bone, make a cut in the middle to divide the breast in two.
  • If you are cooking the breasts in fillets, separate them from the bone. Start with the wings and work your way down the contour of the bone.
  • The wings can be separated from the breasts with scissors or a sharp knife (right photo). The meat of these chicken pieces is very tasty and it is a shame not to use them as part of any stew.
  • It can also be incorporated into other pieces to make a chicken broth or a stock to be used as a base for making other dishes.

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