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How to cook chicken breast so that it is tasty and juicy (and 11 recipes for d

22 mayo, 2021

Chicken breasts are convenient to prepare, inexpensive, versatile, and low in fat. They are very popular with those looking to eat light or are on a diet, but the (almost) absence of fat makes them bland and dry. Fortunately the latter can be fixed, as there are ways to cook the chicken breast so that it is tasty and juicy.

The first thing to consider is the selection and preparation of the piece. As we always recommend, the ideal is to opt for fresh, good quality breasts and, if possible, free-range chicken. We can do it ourselves or ask the pollero to debone them, remove the skin and cut in half. Before cooking, let it cool for 40-45 minutes out of the fridge.

13 recipes with chicken breasts to keep the purpose of eating light (without getting bored with so much grilled breast)

One of our favorite techniques when it comes to making chicken breasts juicy is to prepare a quick brine with a liter of water and 75 grams of salt. The breasts are dipped in the brine for 30 minutes, enough time for them to hydrate and flavor at the same time. Then we add all the flavor we want using the herbs and spices that we like the most: paprika, garlic powder, oregano, mustard, etc. We finish the breasts in the oven.

Another option is confit the chicken breast at 65ºC for 40 minutes. It is advisable to use extra virgin olive oil, which will add a lot of flavor, and add some black peppercorns, a bay leaf, a branch of rosemary or other herbs. The oil can be reused to confit again. Although optional, to add an extra touch of flavor, the breast can be branded on a hot griddle before slicing and serving.

Super Juicy Baked Chicken Breast Super Juicy Baked Chicken Breast, Pre-soaked in Brine

East touch of iron how well it feels to chicken breasts provides extra fat, texture and a delicious caramelization point. It is key to take it easy to get them tasty, so goodbye to the rush. A trick to enhance all of the above is to lightly coat the chicken breast in grated Parmesan. In contact with the grill, the cheese melts and remains crisp, forming a tasty layer that maintains the juiciness of the chicken inside.

They can also be cook in salted water and glaze with a mixture of soy sauce, honey and lemon. The chicken breasts are juicy and they absorb the flavor of these ingredients, without the need to add a single drop of oil. Accompanied by white rice, you get a very complete and easy-to-prepare unique dish. Other options are grilled vegetables, salad, or even a creamy mashed potato.

spicy-lemon-chicken-breasts Spicy Lemon Chicken Breasts

Marinating is one of the most useful cooking techniques to enhance the flavor of food and change its texture. A basic marinade It is prepared by mixing salt, oil, an acidic liquid, herbs, and spices. With it the chicken is smeared and it only remains to wait for the magic to take place. The marinade softens the texture of the breasts and improves their flavor. No need to mess with a complex mix of herbs and spices: garlic, lemon, salt, oil and parsley are enough to multiply by 10 the flavor and juiciness of a chicken breast.

By last, when there is no time to marinate If you don’t want to wait for any other reason, the chicken breast can be cooked first over a high heat in a frying pan. Simply mark on both sides and then add water, cover the pan and finish cooking by creating moisture inside. The contribution of flavor comes at the end, when the meat is marine with a sauce, like the one we have used in this our recipe for spicy lemon chicken breasts, when removed from the heat.

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Eleven recipes with chicken breast that are juicy and tasty

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