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How to clean your kitchen utensils correctly

25 mayo, 2021

To make your Cookware favorites, such as pots and pans, last longer, here we tell you what is the correct way to wash them. They are very easy tips and you will get less tired when cleaning them!

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How to clean your kitchen utensils to make them last longer

Copper utensils

Copper cookware

Copper cookware (Photo: Getty Images)

It is one of the most difficult textures to maintain, but not impossible! Always wash it with hot soapy water, and try to polish it regularly.

You can make it homemade with lemons in halves covered with salt.

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Nonstick cookware

clean teflon

Make your Teflon utensils sparkle with these easy tips. (Photo: Getty Images)

Start with hot water and sudsy soap to remove stains (the ones that stick around when you grill meat), but if that doesn’t work, try powdered soap and a cooking fiber.

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Iron pans and grates – clean them easily!

How to clean the stuck pan

(Photo: Getty Images)

Expose them as little as possible to water, that is, do not submerge them!

After using them, rinse them, and if they have too much residue, you can gently remove them by making a paste of salt with vegetable oil, then rinse with hot water and a very mild soap.

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Do not forget…

When you go to dry both your dishes and your kitchen utensils, you must use a special kitchen cloth for these. Dishcloths harbor bacteria that, instead of helping, could contaminate surfaces.

You can opt for cloths of different colors so as not to get confused and thus exclusively use one for your frets.

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