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How to clean and take care of your bamboo steamer so that it stays as the first day

24 mayo, 2021

I recently told you that, although I have a bamboo steamer for a long time, I have not dared to use it until this summer. But now that I have gotten into it, I am unstoppable and very happy because steam cooking is a well of goodness, for food and our health (thanks to the absence of fat in its cooking).

There are different ways or, better said, different devices in which to steam: in an electric steamer, in a metal steamer of those that are placed on a pot with boiling water, in Thermomix with its varoma container and in cases silicone and together with the oven or microwave. Also exists the bamboo steamer, my favorite for its low cost, lightness and, also, durability if we know take care of it and clean it properly. Then we will get it to stay like the first day and last for an eternity.

What is a bamboo steamer?

Bamboo Steamer Cover

In case there is someone in the room who does not know what a bamboo steamer is, this is a round container with a striped base that allows you to enter the steam with which the food that is placed in it is cooked. They can be stacked, always covering the upper steamer, to cook several foods at the same time and are placed on a wok, saucepan, or skillet with boiling water.

As its name suggests, this type of steamer is made of bamboo, which makes it very sustainable. Bamboo is a renewable resource as it is a grass that grows very fast. But it is also fragile and you should know how to care for and clean your bamboo steamer so that it stays like the first day.

How to protect the steamer during cooking?

Bamboo Steamer Rinse Rinse with cold water before brand new

Before using the bamboo steamer for the first time should give you a shower of cold water. Do not worry that the steamer will not deform. Simply place it under the tap and moisten the entire surface. It’s that simple and fast and the bamboo steamer will be ready to be released.

So that the natural oil from foods, such as meat and fish, does not penetrate the bamboo while we steam it, it is necessary cover the base of the steamer. This can be done with cabbage, cabbage or lettuce leaves on which to place the food or with parchment or baking paper. It will be necessary to pierce what we use so that the steam reaches the food well.

How to clean the steamer?

Bamboo Steamer Wash Rub with a soft scouring pad to remove food debris

We have finished cooking and, although our steamer will be quite clean, it is important clean it by hand, never in the dishwasher, with warm water. If there is any remaining food, we will use a brush or soft scouring pad to remove it, but we do not immerse the steamer in water. We will avoid the use of soap or detergent since it can be absorbed and be felt in our next use, spoiling the taste of the food.

If any remaining food resists us, we can add a little vinegar to the warm water and use the mixture to clean the affected area. Vinegar is not only a great cleaning agent but it also helps reduce odors so we won’t remember what we cooked in our steamer the last time when we use it again.

Bamboo Steamer Dry Remove excess water with a clean cotton cloth

Before storing the bamboo steamer until its next use, we carefully dry it with a clean cotton cloth and allow it to air dry completely in a place away from sunlight. Then we store it in a well ventilated closet or shelf where moisture does not accumulate. So we make sure that it does not fill us with fungus.

Bamboo Steamer Drain Dry the steamer completely before storing

With these tips we will achieve that our bamboo steamer will last for years in perfect condition and we can use it not only to cook our food, but also to present it on the table. They are a very attractive serving utensil and eliminate the need to mess up additional dishes. You can’t ask for more, so take care of it with care!

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