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How to braise meat, fish and poultry correctly

24 mayo, 2021

Today it’s your turn to learn something new in the kitchen! Discover how to braise meat, fish and poultry correctly so that you can prepare rich recipes with a unique flavor. Take note of the equipment and technique you need to make delicious stews!

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How to braise: tips to make it perfect

Stewing does not require a lot of time or special equipment, much less having a peculiar dexterity. Despite this, the result is delicious dishes.

Most stews are cooked at a low temperature. The best cuts for this stew come from the animal’s toughest muscles – the leg, chest, and neck are the tastiest (and often cheapest).

The team

tips to have brighter pots

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All you need is a pot with a tight-fitting lid to keep liquids from evaporating; preferably it should be wide to allow space for the meat and liquid, but not excessively large.

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Braising liquid

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Almost any liquid is used for braising, the most common are broths, wines, beer and water. The key to making the meat tender is to simmer the liquid.

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The technique

Shank stew

As the meat cooks, the internal temperature rises, the juices seep through the outer layer and mix with the liquid.

At that point, if you open the pot, you will see that the meat looks compact and wrinkled, smaller than when you put it in the container, but as the cooking continues the liquid will seep back into the meat and moisten it.

Now that you know how to make a stew delicious, prepare any of the recipes that we share, very easy!

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