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How much do you know about tamales? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz

25 mayo, 2021

Do you already know the origin of tamales? Do you know how many types and classes there are? Test your knowledge by answering this fun test that we share with you.

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Test: Do you know the origin of tamales and their varieties? Test your knowledge

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Curiosities about tamales that you should know

  • According to historical data, tamales emerged between 800 and 500 BC. C. in Mesoamerica.
  • Not only in Mexico: throughout Latin America a great diversity of tamales is prepared, with different masses, fillings and flavors.
  • The word tamal comes from Nahuatl and means “wrapped”.
  • This was one of the dishes that all classes ate: common people, nobles and priests.
  • Tamales are eaten in Mexico all year round. However, in some places there are two dates that are used in a special way: the Day of the Candlemas and the Day of the dead (hence they are so common for wakes).
  • In pre-Hispanic times, a woman’s worth was largely considered by her ability to make tamales.
  • Moreover, pre-Hispanic women must have had the skill with the metate grinding corn to prepare tortillas and tamales with which they fed their husband and children.
  • The midwives predicted the future activity of the girls in the metate and, when celebrating the union, during the ceremony, the mother-in-law would feed the newlywed 4 bites of tamale and the latter in turn gave her husband tamale.
  • From this tradition comes the saying: “you have to be good for the mat and for the metate”.
  • There is a whole discipline for the study of tamales, can you guess what it is called? Thamalology.
  • It is estimated that there are 500 types of tamales in our country alone. However, more than 5 thousand preparations derive from this, depending on the traditions of the place.
  • There are many beliefs around tamales: that if you prepare them sad, they are tasteless; if you’re in a hurry, they don’t finish cooking; If a child is crying during their preparation, they are salted. Do you know any other?

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