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How much do you know about Mexican food phrases?

24 mayo, 2021

Mexican cuisine is rich in flavors, dishes, and aromas. And with it comes the folklore that has enriched our language with sayings, sayings and Mexican food phrases.

Do you think you know them all? We share this test to test your skills.

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Curiosities about sayings and food phrases

  • In the first place, sayings are a very old popular literary genre that was born in a social environment, in which people identify the meaning of the symbolic value of phrases.
  • These are based on religious customs, traditional festivals, and popular jargon.
  • They are metaphorical in nature; therefore, it is a matter of making a comparison between ordinary events with a particular event.
  • Also every saying has a teaching, what’s more: they are recognized as popular wisdom.
  • They seek to be comical, using mischief or double meaning, with the aim of confusing people or not being so direct with a comment.
  • It is not known exactly where or how they arose: what we can tell you is that in each country and culture there are sayings, with their own wisdom.
  • Finally, sayings are a popular inheritance, passed from generation to generation: those we know we have learned in our family circle, especially from older people.

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