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how it is made and 13 recipes that you can taste

25 mayo, 2021

Surely you have heard of the FODMAP diet an alternative that many use to reverse belly swelling and many other digestive discomforts, as it is a diet indicated against irritable bowel syndrome. We tell you how it is made and 13 recipes that you can taste if you want to carry it out.

How to do the FODMAP diet

The FODMAP diet is a diet reduced in fermentable carbohydrates, that is to say, in oligosaccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides as well as in polyalcohols.

Used in many pathologies with gastrointestinal symptoms, but one of the ones that most use this type of diet is irritable bowel syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome.

Since many carbohydrate source foods have parts that are indigestible or that produce fermentation in the intestine, it is recommended to reduce bloating, flatulence and other symptoms, avoid these foods in the diet.

FODMAP diet: what is it and what are its potential risks and benefits

A) Yes, sugars of all kinds should be avoided, including those present in fruits and dairy products naturally, and foods that are sources of complex hydrates or with a lot of fiber such as whole grains, legumes, starchy vegetables and their derivatives.

The foods that star in the diet will be those derived from refined meats, eggs, fish, vegetable oils, and grains that do not produce fermentation in the body, being able to include eventually a small amount of cooked vegetables or fruits They do not provide a lot of fiber and are easily digested.

White rice

A diet that is not recommended in the long term

While it is a diet beneficial in some intestinal pathologies that are not easily reversed but can accompany us for life, the FODMAP diet leads us to avoid very healthy and nutritious food groups in our diet such as whole grains, legumes and fresh vegetables.

Therefore, it is a restrictive diet and that it is not advisable to follow long term scientists have concluded. Well, in addition, it can encourage a high consumption of refined flours that over time and in excess can promote addictive eating behavior and be harmful to health.

Therefore, the best is always consult with a healthcare professional before putting it into practice.

Damaged intestinal flora: its possible causes and consequences, and how to recover it with the help of diet

The best recipes to taste in your FODMAP diet

If to reverse gastrointestinal symptoms or control your irritable bowel syndrome you want to carry out a FODMAP diet, these are the best recipes that we recommend trying at home:

Boiled fish


  • Lemon risotto, in which we must avoid wine to adapt this dish to the FODMAP diet.

These are some keys and tips to follow the FODMAP diet and 13 recipes that you can put into practice to take care of the health of the organism.

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