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How did the tacos come about? Know its history

26 mayo, 2021

The Mexican tacos They are that delicacy that every person who visits our country has to try; and if not, it is because he did not come to Mexico.

And it is that in any corner of our country we can find some type of taco, whether it is corn or flour tortilla, with or without cheese, meat or seafood, rolled, fried and more.

Today March 31, Taco Day, we want to share its history and how it became the favorite delicacy in Mexico.

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History of Mexican tacos

How to make corn tortillas

We can’t talk about Mexican tacos without tortillas. (Photo: Getty Images)

According to the Muy Interesante site, the chroniclers Fray Bernardino de Sahagún and Bernal Díaz del Castillo refer to the culinary customs of the inhabitants of the new lands.

In his testimonies, Emperor Moctezuma used to take pieces of tortilla to soak them in molli, this being an antecedent of the tacos that we now know.

In pre-Hispanic times, women prepared tortillas on a hot stone or comal placed directly on the stove and decorated them using red chili as a pigment.

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The first taquiza in history


In Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, is where the famous pots for frying carnitas are made by hand, and where they are also prepared in a traditional way.

It is said that when the Mexica were defeated by the army of Hernán Cortés with the help of the Tlaxcalans, the conqueror ordered his people to sacrifice the pigs they had brought from Cuba to celebrate their victory.

After preparing the meat, they were faced with a dilemma: there was no wheat to make bread and accompany the feast.

However, the Spanish had invited the Tlaxcalans to the festivities, and they came up with a good idea.

To celebrate the much desired fall of Tenochtitlán (yes, because the Tlaxcalans were fed up with the abuses of the Mexica) the natives brought their “corn bread” that is, the tortillas, to which they threw the pieces of pork.

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Current Mexican tacos

How to prepare a top of tacos al pastor.

The tacos al pastor are the spoiled ones. (Photo: Getty Images)

Women in the 18th century, especially miners’ wives, sent stews to their husbands for long working hours.

These sent along with the food a few tortillas to wrap the meat, beans or any other type of preparation.

Later, the taco became a popular snack that was eaten outside of lunch hours.

Later on, the taco acquired greater relevance, becoming the essential Mexican snack and a treat of the town festivals.

During the Porfiriato and thanks to the economic, social and architectural modernization, the food also underwent changes, with which the food stalls moved to established places, where the population used to eat tacos, which reminded them of the homemade flavor that reminded them to their towns.

Not only that: the taco became the symbol of street food, especially of workers, because it was a practical, nutritious and fast way to eat.

Currently, we can find tacos anywhere: from the corner stall to the most sophisticated restaurants. And also in our homes, where we can prepare them to our liking.

Discover more interesting facts about your favorite food and we also invite you to try the most delicious taco recipes to celebrate this day, only in Easy Kitchen