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How are Galician tripe and Madrid-style tripe different?

25 mayo, 2021

Tripe is one of the most famous dishes in our gastronomy and is part of the pig’s tripe, which is carefully cut and cleaned in order to cook it. As with many dishes that are prepared throughout our geography, there are slight differences depending on the region where we are, so we are going to see how the Galician tripe and the Madrid tripe differ.

It is a dish that is not usually liked by everyone, since the guts give a little qualms, but it is an ingredient that is well cooked, especially if it is in a stew, it is delicious and its flavor is totally addictive. And although it is a fairly caloric recipe, it is great to combat cold days like the ones we are having.

How are the Galician tripe different from the Madrid tripe?


In addition to the main ingredient, the tripe, there are others that we must also take into account so that the result of this dish is perfect. In the Galician version these are, mainly, chickpeas, which are not added to the Madrid version. As for the rest of the ingredients, they are similar in both versions: chorizo, blood sausage, bacon, spices, bay leaf, chilli, onion …, so we can actually say that this is basically the difference between both versions.


Culinary technique


In both preparations, you have to start by cleaning the tripe well, with vinegar and lemon juice, and cutting them into bite-size pieces. It is best to do it the day before and leave them in the fridge with water. In the Galician version, it will also be necessary for the chickpeas to soak the day before, to ensure that when cooked they are very tender, without forgetting that the chickpeas, unlike other legumes, are thrown into the casserole when the water is boiling. not before.

Time is another important element to take into account. We should not be in a hurry to prepare this dish, as it is best to let it simmer. Without scare you, but count about four hoursAlthough you can always use the pressure cooker if you have one, which will greatly reduce the cooking time. I personally prefer the traditional method, but not always have enough time. And there are those who prefer to cook the tripe in a clay pot, because it seems that the flavor is perfect.

Galician tripe recipe

  • Ingredients: Chickpeas 500 g, Beef tripe 500 g, Veal leg 500 g, Young chorizo ​​2, Bacon 140 g, Onion 1, Garlic cloves 5, Extra virgin olive oil 25 ml, Sweet paprika 15 g, Chilli 1, Spice mix for tripe to taste, Laurel 1, Salt to taste.

  • preparation: We will start the day before with the preparation. For that, we put the tripe with water and a little lemon in a container and leave them to soak in the fridge. On the other hand, we do the same with the chopped veal leg. And also the chickpeas that we will soak in warm salted water. The next day we put the tripe, the pieces of veal leg in a pot and cover them with water. We cook this for 40 minutes. Then add the diced bacon, the whole sausages, the oil, the paprika, the onion, the garlic, the bay leaf, the chilli and finally the chickpeas, which will be added when the water is boiling so that they cook properly. Season with the tripe preparation to taste and cook everything for two and a half hours or until we see the meat and legumes cooked. We rectify salt.

Link | Galician style tripe

Madrid-style tripe recipe

  • Ingredients: Beef tripe 1 kg, Asturian chorizo, Onion black pudding, Bacon 150 g, Bay leaf, Mix spices for tripe to taste, Garlic cloves 2, Chilli pepper to taste, Tomato sauce 50 ml.

  • preparation: Madrid-style tripe is normally made using various types of offal meat. Thus, among its ingredients we find beef tripe, leg and nose. In the offal we can order a kilo of tripe indicating that we want that weight distributed among the three ingredients. We clean the corns well and cut them into square pieces of approximately 2×2 cm, so that after cooking they can be bite-size. Once clean, we put them to cook with a bay leaf and a good handful of salt, also adding the bacon or ham or ham meat and the spices for tripe. We let the tripe cook for 4 hours in a traditional saucepan or 45 minutes if you use a speed cooker. Once they are cooked, we drain them and reserve the cooking water, which will be thick and loaded with gelatin. When there is an hour to finish the traditional cooking, we add the chorizo ​​and the blood sausage, which we will have semi-cooked separately. By integrating them now, leaving them to finish with the other ingredients, we will prevent the blood sausage from bursting or the recipe from being too loaded with the fat of the chorizo. We prepare a sauce by poaching two cloves of garlic with the finely chopped onion and a chilli so that the tripe has a spicy point. Then we add a tablespoon of tomato sauce, the cooked tripe, the chopped chorizo ​​and black pudding. We are also gradually incorporating the cooking broth. We finish by letting the whole boil for 20 minutes until it acquires creaminess and reaches a desired texture.

Link | Madrid-style tripe

With what to accompany the tripe


In both versions, both Galician and Madrid, it is done essential to accompany the tripe with a good loaf of bread, better if it is peasant bread, to be able to slice the delicious sauce that is formed well. And if you like red wine, look for one that you especially like because you will not find a better drink to marinate this dish. One last tip: better if you prepare them the day before, the flavors settle and the result is unbeatable.

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