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Homemade teriyaki sauce. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

21 mayo, 2021

Teriyaki sauce is the sauce used in the cooking technique of the same name, typical of Japanese cuisine, in which food is roasted, well baked, well grilled, in a sweet sauce marinade. However, the sauce is also used for other dishes, and although it can be bought already prepared, today we will see how to make homemade teriyaki sauce.

The word teriyaki is a composition of two words, on the one hand “teri”, which refers to the shine provided by the sauce, and “yaki” which refers to roasting as a cooking method. Traditional ingredients of this sauce are mirin, sugar, soy sauce, sake (although other alcohol can be used) and eventually a little ginger. Then it is boiled to reduce it and it is ready to use.

We are going to do a variant that looks more like commercial sauce, the one we find in stores, which has a little garlic to give it more intensity and instead of reducing it we add a little cornstarch as a thickener. Garlic is very rare in Japanese cuisine, making this sauce more like Korean sauce bulgogi, which does wear it.

I think you can imagine what you have to do to get the homemade teriyaki sauce. Indeed, place all the ingredients in a suitable container and blend with the blender until a fine sauce is obtained. Clever.

If you like it thicker or if you are really going to use it to prepare teriyaki-style meat then better. boil it to make it reduce, and thus it is easier to paint the meat, but if it is to accompany some noodles as in the case of the wok of noodles, prawns and vegetables with teriyaki sauce that I prepared a long time ago, then it is not necessary.

By beating it you will also realize that it acquires a light cream color, but it is only a small layer of foam. If we remove it with a fine strainer or with the spoon, underneath we find a dark sauce similar in color to soy sauce.

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With what to accompany the teriyaki sauce

The homemade teriyaki sauce It is significantly more intense and tasty than what we can find in any store, perfect both for meats and to accompany vegetables and wok noodles. In addition, it is much cheaper than the commercial one, since it is basically made from soy sauce, which costs considerably less than teriyaki sauce.

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