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Homemade tahini sauce. Easy, simple and delicious recipe

23 mayo, 2021

We will start, so that our sauce has a more pronounced flavor, by roasting the sesame seeds. For that in a pan without any fat we put the seeds and the brown for five minutes. If you buy toasted sesame, you can skip this step. Let the sesame cool for 10 minutes.

The next thing will be to put the seeds and the pinch of fleur de sel in the glass of a mincer or grinder. We start to chop the sesame, and when begins to form a paste we begin to add the oil little by little, until obtaining a creamy paste.

When we get the texture that we like by grinding, the remove from the blender glass and we pass it to a bowl or an airtight jar if we are not going to use it at the moment.

homemade tahini sauce

With what to accompany the homemade tahini sauce

The homemade tahini sauce It keeps for weeks in the fridge to use it in different preparations. If when filling it we see that there is a lot of air in the jar, we can protect the surface of the sauce with a small amount of olive oil. This is a sauce with a powerful flavor, for a milder flavor, you can use unroasted seeds and replace the oil with water or even light honey to achieve a variety with a sweet touch, ideal for example to accompany some aubergines.

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