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Homemade malagueño ajoblanco, the easiest traditional recipe

24 mayo, 2021

If you are looking for refreshing recipes, easy to prepare and that everyone likes, you know that the White garlic that today I propose meets all these conditions. I explain it to you to do with and without Thermomix, because you need a powerful robot to grind the ingredients and this is the one that I have used, but you can use any other that you have at home.

The ajoblanco is considered the primal gazpacho, a humble elaboration that probably originated in Andalusia, as a mixture of what the population had more at hand, namely bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, water and almonds. The arrival of the tomato from America would shape the gazpacho we know today.

As with all traditional recipes, the ingredients go a little by eye and amounts will vary according to your personal tastes. Although I think the important thing is that you try this proposal, it is worth enjoying our traditional dishes and more when we are in the right season. You will tell me.

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We start by soaking the breadcrumbs in pieces in the cold water for a few minutes, until it soaks well. We reserve it. We weigh the oil in a jug and we reserve it too.

If we make the ajoblanco with Thermomix, we put the crumb soaked with the water included, the raw almond, the garlic clove, the vinegar and the salt in the glass and crush 1 min / speed 8. In speed 4 we pour the oil through the lid little by little with the cup on, as if it were a mayonnaise. Then we go up to speed 5 for about 10 seconds.

If we do not use the Thermomix to make the ajoblancoPut the crumb soaked with the included water, the raw almond, the garlic clove, vinegar and salt in the blender glass and blend until it is very fine. With the mixer running, we add the oil little by little, as if it were a mayonnaise, emulsifying well.

Step by Step

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With what to accompany the ajoblanco

The White garlic We must serve it very cold, so we should keep it in the fridge until it is time to take it to the table. In each plate we will put a few drops of olive oil and some white grapes, peeled and without seeds. We can also accompany it with some melon balls.

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