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Homemade churros. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

23 mayo, 2021

In a saucepan, we put the water on the fire with the salt. When it boils, remove from heat and we pour the flour at once. We stir vigorously until the dough separates from the walls.

We put the dough in a pastry bag with a fluted nozzle or in a churrera and form the churros on the worktop. We heat the oil and fry the churros. We will put them on a plate covered with kitchen paper, to absorb excess oil. We bathe in sugar and serve right away.

Step by Step 1

With what to accompany the homemade churros

The star accompaniment of the homemade churros It is a good hot chocolate, although I assure you that if you also make sweetened cream, the combination is frankly insurmountable. Try to eat them as soon as possible, because hot is how delicious they are. You will tell me if you dare.