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Homemade chocolate truffles. Easy, simple and straightforward dessert recipe

23 mayo, 2021

Put the cream in a saucepan. Open the vanilla pod making a fine cut with a sharp knife, if we use it, and add it. Heat over low heat to avoid boiling and the cream is infused with the vanilla.

In the meantime chop the chocolate with a knife or with a chopper. We can also grate it, although it will be more sticky. The more chopped, the faster it will melt. Arrange it in a heat-resistant container.

Remove the vanilla and pour the cream gently over the chocolate. Ideally, pour it just before it starts to boil. Wait a minute and stir carefully, little by little, until the chocolate melts and mix with the cream.

Mix until you have a homogeneous and shiny cream, without lumps. Let cool a little, cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge. Let it cool down for at least two hours, but I prefer to wait until the next day.

To form the truffles, arrange a bowl with cocoa powder and a small strainer. If we have chocolate tools it will be easier, but with normal teaspoons we can manage.

Take small portions of chocolate and coat in cocoa, mixing well. Put in the strainer and tap to shake off excess. Place in paper capsules, chocolate or simply in a clean container. Continue until finished with the chocolate.

You can use your hands to give it a more round shape, but I already warn that we will get stuck. It’s part of the fun, why fool ourselves, although we can use food-grade gloves if we don’t want to stain everything with chocolate.

Truffles.  Steps

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With what to accompany the chocolate truffles

Do you need to give tasting tips? Homemade truffles are pure pleasure for lovers of the purest taste of chocolate, if we use good quality black. They make an ideal pair with tabletop coffee, a sweet liquor or red wine, although they don’t go wrong with a glass of milk, a black tea or a well-spiced infusion.

We can cover the truffles with icing sugar, dried fruit granules, grated coconut, chocolate shavings … But I prefer to usegood pure cocoa powder to further enhance the taste of the simplest chocolate.

We can keep them in the fridge, although there may be renew the cocoa layer before serving if many hours pass. If we serve them and leave them exposed to room temperature, we must ensure that they do not have a heat source nearby.