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Homemade chickpea hummus, the easiest traditional recipe step by step

24 mayo, 2021

The hummus It is one of the recipes, originating from the cultures of the eastern Mediterranean, best known around the world. It is ideal for snacking or to accompany salads and vegetables. There are numerous versions, of lentils, beets or pesto, among others, but the traditional and original hummus recipe (that of chickpeas) is unsurpassed.

Make homemade chickpea hummus it’s easy and fast. Although the texture that is achieved with a powerful robot is special, it can also be prepared with an arm mixer. One of its ingredients, the tahini or sesame sauce, can be difficult to find. If this is the case, make it yourself or simply mash the sesame along with the rest of the ingredients. There is no difference in the result.

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We wash the chickpeas well to remove the liquid in which they are submerged in the preserve. We drain and introduce into the glass of a kitchen robot. Add the peeled garlic clove (if we remove the germ it becomes softer), the sesame, the cumin, the salt, the lemon juice and the water.

Step By Step Traditional Hummus

We crush until obtaining a semi homogeneous mass before incorporating the extra virgin olive oil. We continue grinding for a few minutes or until we obtain a creamy mixture. We can add more creaminess to chickpea hummus if we add a little natural yogurt. Many Lebanese restaurants use it and it looks great, but this is completely optional.

The consistency of hummus is something very personal, that’s why we recommend adjust the thickness point adding a little more water and / or oil until the desired one is obtained. At the moment of serving we sprinkle with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, assorted seeds and sweet paprika. Other toppings that we can add are olives or chopped parsley. To taste.

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With what to accompany the homemade chickpea hummus

The traditional way to enjoy the homemade chickpea hummus It is with pita bread slightly toasted and warm. However, we can perfectly spread it on another type of bread, even accompany it with crudités (a much healthier option). This time we have toasted triangles of wheat tortillas in the oven, which combine perfectly. We have also enlivened the show with various seeds, chopped red cabbage and parsley, black olives, paprika and an extra splash of extra virgin olive oil.

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