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Home remedies with eucalyptus leaves for your health and also for your home

27 mayo, 2021

Give the Eucalyptus leaves! These are used for many things, and you can use them to improve your health and also for different home remedies in your home.

If you have a eucalyptus tree or there is one close to home, take advantage of it with these home remedies.

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Home remedies with eucalyptus leaves

As a mouthwash

eucalyptus mouthwash

Eucalyptus leaves are part of many personal care products, including mouthwashes (Photo: Getty Images)

Eucalyptus leaves contain a substance called eucalyptol that is used as an ingredient in dental rinses effective to reduce dental plaque and gingivitis.

To make a homemade rinse, wash and boil eucalyptus with a little peppermint. Let cool and use daily.

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Soothe your throat and airways with eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus tea

Eucalyptus tea (Photo: Getty Images)

Without a doubt, eucalyptus is one of the favorite home remedies for relieving cold, cough, and sore throat discomfort.

You can take it in tea by boiling its leaves with a little honey. If you want to unclog your nose, you can prepare a homemade vaporizer and breathe in its expectorant vapors.

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To repel insects

Eucalyptus leaves

Repel insects with eucalyptus leaves (Photo: Getty Images)

Both mosquitoes and flies breed in the hot season and are really annoying.

Say goodbye by preparing an infusion with its leaves and a little lemon juice. Boil them, let them cool and use with the help of a spray bottle.

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Eucalyptus leaves for swollen feet

Foot bath

Foot bath (Photo: Getty Images)

If you can’t stand your feet when you get home, pamper them by placing leaves in hot water. Preferably, also add lavender, for a better effect.

This remedy also works to eradicate foot fungus, peeling, itching, and athlete’s foot.

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