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Home remedies to drive away ants and cockroaches

25 mayo, 2021

Prevent your home and especially your kitchen from being invaded by insects such as ants and cockroaches with these simple home remedies.

Why use these home remedies? With increasing temperatures, it is very common for the presence of small insects such as ants and some not as small as cockroaches to multiply, especially in the kitchen and pantry area. Although the presence of ants does not pose a great risk to health, cockroaches are often associated with the proliferation of bacteria such as salmonella. In both cases, if left unchecked, they can become a pest.

Although there are many products that help you eliminate them, their use should be done with caution because they can cause allergic reactions, due to their chemicals. Natural remedies are a good alternative, in addition to being cheaper.

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  • Lemon Juice: This scent disturbs your sense of direction, just pour a little where they usually appear and voila.
  • Vinegar with water: Mix in equal parts and spread in the corners where you see them, mainly on countertops, sinks and windows. Their aroma eliminates the scent traces they use to move.
  • Talc: It is a good natural repellent and its aroma is more pleasant for you.
  • Coffee beans: Their strong smell is very annoying and they flee from it.
  • Corn flour: In addition to eliminating the odor trail that usually guides them, it is toxic for them because they cannot ingest it.
  • Herbs and spices: Mainly garlic, cinnamon and pepper, they give off a strong smell that drives them away, place them in doors, windows and crevices that these insects can use to enter.

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  • Cucumber: Place some slices in the corners and places where you have seen them or think they may appear, its aroma works as a repellent.
  • Container with water and coffee: The aroma of coffee attracts them, but the water works like a homemade trap.
  • Laurel: Whether you put some plants around your kitchen, mainly in entrances and corners or scatter some leaves, their smell is unbearable for them.
  • Soapy water: This mixture is lethal for them, spray with a spray bottle and voila.
  • Baking soda with sugar: Mix equal parts of these ingredients, and spread over the places that usually enter. This generates a toxic reaction for these insects.

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  1. Placing aromatic plants like peppermint, oregano, lavender, bay leaf, and basil helps keep most insects away.
  2. Carrying out a good cleaning throughout your home reduces the chances of them occurring.
  3. Avoid leaving food in plain sight that may attract them.
  4. Take out the trash regularly and find a trash can with a lid.
  5. Avoid leaving your pets’ food uncovered or on their plate when they are not finished.
  6. Don’t leave dishes with food scraps in the sink for too long.
  7. Regularly clean appliances and check the back, as motors can become nests.

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