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History of the mixiote and three delicious ways to prepare it

29 mayo, 2021

If we talk about ancestral and exquisite dishes, the mixiote He is a worthy representative of Mexican gastronomy.

This consists of a meat enchilada preparation wrapped in a thin film of maguey stalk that is steamed. Its preparation comes from pre-Hispanic times and has evolved over time, as various ingredients have been added.

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Its origin

The name of mixiote comes from Nahuatl metl, which means maguey, and xiotl, interpreted as “penca film”.

These are natives of the southern Mexican Plateau, which includes the Anáhuac Valley and the Huasteca Hidalguese (including the states of Querétaro, Hidalgo, Mexico, Morelos, Tlaxcala and Mexico City) where sheep farming and cultivation are popular. of the maguey.

According to historical data, the first Spaniards to taste the mixiote were Duchess Catalina de Aragón y Montealbán, together with her husband Carlos Arsillaca y Albarrán, who were visiting the Huasteca of Hidalgo.

In this place they were offered a banquet where their hosts served them a very appetizing aroma wrapper. The couple were so delighted with the dish that they did not hesitate to make it popular.

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Nowadays, there are many flavors of mixiote, which ones have you tried?

Curiosities of this dish

  • Although mutton or chicken is popularly used to prepare them, there are regions of Mexico where it is prepared with fish, rabbit, and even squirrel!
  • In the famous San Juan Market you can also find very exotic mixiotes, made from venison. crocodile, wild boar and grasshopper.
  • To prepare the mixiote and get the flavor that makes it unique, a variety of herbs are needed, including avocado leaf, bay leaf, thyme, oregano, marjoram and epazote.
  • For lovers of sweet dishes, there are also mixiotes filled with fruit and, according to what we have been told, they are delicious!
  • At present, you can get the maguey film in any market; However, the maguey is a protected species and its commercialization is prohibited, so it is decided to replace the film with waxed paper or aluminum.
  • The tradition in Hidalgo is to accompany the mixiote with a good glass of pulque, what do you think?


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