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Healthy snacks to end hunger and take care of yourself

29 mayo, 2021

It is important to have small snacks between meals and to help you we present you the best recipes of healthy snacks to calm hunger and take care of you.

When we think of snacks for meetings, we automatically create the image of the irresistible commercial fritters in our minds; however, there are equally delicious options, but with the advantage that they provide less salt, fat and calories.

In addition to the three meals a day, it is necessary to include at least 2 snacks, one in the middle of the morning and another between lunch and dinner. It’s not just about eating what you have in front of you, healthy snacks should meet most of these characteristics:

  • Low in saturated and trans fat
  • High level of vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Provide a good amount of fiber
  • It has a caloric value of between 10 and 15% of the total meal plan.

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apple chips

The best healthy snacks are homemade.

Benefits of eating healthy snacks throughout the day

  1. They increase caloric expenditure and activate metabolism.
  2. They provide energy to continue with the activities of the day.
  3. They maintain blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of spikes.
  4. They help control your weight, keep you feeling full for longer and prevent you from overeating.
  5. It keeps the digestive system busy and prevents you from feeling hungry at inappropriate times.
  6. They reduce and control cholesterol levels.
  7. They improve digestion and the functioning of the digestive system.
  8. Avoid fatigue and irritability, improve mood.

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    apple chips

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