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Halal foods, foods allowed or authorized for the Muslim Community

25 mayo, 2021

Any food can be attributed the term Halal as long as it conforms to the Islamic regulations contained in the Quran. Halal foods suffer an increase in consumption that is directly linked to the increase in Muslim immigrants in our country. The term Halal is a food guarantee for the Muslim community that is strongly linked to the religion it processes and the rules that it dictates about food.

A food is Halal when it does not contain ingredients or substances from animals prohibited in the Koran, in addition, the animals they consume have to be sacrificed as indicated by Islamic laws.

This food must also have been processed and made with machinery and utensils that are within Islamic regulations.

Finally, to say that some of the establishments that are in our country and that are especially oriented to the Muslim community, may present the Halal distinctive indicating that everything that is found there is subject to Muslim regulations.

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