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Guarana, the fruit

25 mayo, 2021

Last weekend we were visiting my in-laws who have a Guarana tree in front of their house. I had tried Guarana-based drinks many times but had never tried the fruit.

The Guarana fruit (Paullinia cupana) It grows mainly in Brazil and some regions of Colombia and Venezuela.

The fruits have a dark red or orange peel and when ripe, they open to reveal the pulp and seed of the fruit, which look like bulging eyes. The seeds contain a substance similar to caffeine, which is known in some cases as guaranine, in addition to having other stimulants and vitamins A, B and E.

The taste of the pulp is slightly bitter and the truth is that I cannot say that I liked it very much, at least that was my first impression.

But what is commonly used of guarana are its seeds, which are present in many refreshing beverages, especially in Brazil where guarana has been consumed since ancient times by the Indians of the Amazon. For use they are dried, roasted and pulverized.

Guarana is also credited with many therapeutic properties and health benefits, and its consumption has been said to help lose weight.

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