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Grow your own lavender at home: we tell you how

27 mayo, 2021

The lavender It is used for a lot of things and that is why it is convenient for you to have it at home, decorating your home and delighting you with its delicious aroma.

Therefore, we tell you how to grow it easily and how to take care of it in simple steps. It will be one of your favorite plants!

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Benefits of lavender for your health


Lavender (Photo: Getty Images)

Before starting and to encourage you to grow lavender, we tell you what its main benefits are:

  • Prepared in tea, it helps fight depression, anxiety, headaches and insomnia.
  • In addition, it helps reduce inflammation of the intestine, calms nausea and menstrual cramps.
  • Repel mosquitoes: you just have to place dry leaves on your bedside table or windows. Its aroma, in addition to relaxing you, will prevent mosquitoes from bothering you.
  • It also eliminates bacteria and bad odors: moisten some cotton swabs in lavender oil and put them in your sports shoes, wardrobes or places where moisture is stored.

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How to grow it at home


Learn how to grow lavender in easy steps. (Photo: Getty Images)

You need:

  • Lavender stems without buds
  • Wide pot
  • Garden stones
  • Water
  • Black earth

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  1. First, remove the lower leaves from the stems and cut it off.
  2. Place the garden stones in the pot at the bottom and then fill ¾.
  3. Plant the stems and leave the leaves on the outside.
  4. Water until the soil is moistened, avoiding it from being muddy (try not to drown the plant).
  5. Finally, place the pot in a sunny spot (lavender is a plant that needs a lot of light).

Keep an eye out: ensure that the pot has good drainage, thus preventing the plant from rotting due to excess moisture.

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