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Grow moss in your garden: we tell you how

24 mayo, 2021

It is the season when the moss. And, although it is often used for decorative purposes (such as at birth), let us tell you that it is a very healthy type of vegetation, as it does not have pests or diseases.

A great advantage is that it requires zero care and is very easy to propagate correctly.

Do you dare to cultivate it? It will give a rustic and very special touch to your green areas.

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How to make homemade moss


  • 1 moss sample (can be green and fresh or dry)
  • ½ liter of buttermilk
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 medium brush


  1. Pour the buttermilk and water into a blender. Later, cover with the moss until the blender glass is filled and mix until obtaining a homogeneous consistency.
  2. With the help of the brush, apply in the places or surfaces where you want the moss to sprout (it can be on logs, rocks, bricks, fences or wooden surfaces, preferably in shady places).
  3. Once the mixture is applied, it will start to grow in approximately 3 weeks.
  4. It is important to keep the areas where you have applied the mixture moist. Use a sprayer for best effects.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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Why let it grow?

  • It helps to balance the hydrological cycle of the place where it is located.
  • It maintains humidity in the environment, preventing the plants from drying out.
  • In fact, this winter plant takes water and reserves it to later release it in the summer, thus accelerating the decomposition of organic matter.
  • After the previous process, it becomes an excellent compost.
  • Helps gather nutrients to help germinate and produce new seeds to create life in new places.
  • In addition, it has the ability to support the soil and prevent erosion from occurring.

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