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Grilled swordfish. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

Although it was not the fish my mother bought the most, the grilled swordfish it was his go-to recipe when there was little time to cook. Actually in my house we called it emperor, which is one of the different names by which this semi-fat fish is known, also marlin, porbeagle or mako. Very fast to prepare, sometimes you don’t have to complicate life in the kitchen.

The real emperor is another fish that looks different, but difficult to find. I would say that almost everyone visualizes swordfish when talking about emperor, a very comfortable fish since it is usually served in slices or fillets without bones, ideal for grilling. The only difficulty is controlling the cooking so that it is not too dry.

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Let the fish temper a little, if it is very cold from the fridge. dry with paper towels on both sides and massage with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Add black pepper, granulated garlic, oregano and a little dill to taste.

Heat a good griddle or non-stick grill, add a little oil and cook the swordfish at a high temperature, just one or two minutes on each side, depending on the thickness.

You have to try that the interior is juicy and on the outside the juices begin to caramelize, thus we get much more flavor and a richer texture.

Serve immediately with more herbs if desired, a drizzle of good oil, lemon and a pinch of coarse salt to taste.

Swordfish.  Steps

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With what to accompany the swordfish

A good grilled fish like this swordfish recipe It can be accompanied with the garnish that we like the most, since almost everything goes well for it. In my case, I usually opt for grilled or grilled vegetables, or, as on this occasion, French fries. A simple salad is another option that goes very well with an oily fish, since fresh vegetables refresh and balance the fat content.

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