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Grilled steak, how to cook this tasty Argentine cut with an intense flavor

22 mayo, 2021

Argentine cuts of meat are becoming more and more popular in our country and finding empty, churrasco, narrow steak or entraña is easy in any butcher shop. With this last cut we are going to prepare today Grilled Argentine entraña with homemade green chimichurri, a recipe that will allow us to recreate a traditional barbecue in our kitchen.

The entrails is a elongated and narrow piece, of very red meat and with a very intense flavor, which corresponds to the calf’s diaphragm muscle. This piece is covered by thin layers or membranes that are left in the case of roasting on the coals -where they are very crunchy-, but that are easily removed if we are going to prepare this delicious meat on the grill, as we propose today.

Marinated beef tataki with mustard, spices and charcoal salt

Normally, the gut has a thicker part and finer part, the latter being tastier and more tender. On the other hand, in Argentine barbecues, this cut is usually shared as a snack while other larger pieces of meat are roasted. That is why we have given that a half kilogram is enough for four people. If you are going to eat it as a main course, you would need another entrails to be satisfied.

To make the green chimichurri sauce with which we accompany the entraña, we will crush all the ingredients except the oil and then we will add this little by little until we get a texture thick but fluid.

Once the sauce is ready, we let it rest in the fridge so that the flavors settle well. Me I always have a good bottle -Last a lot- to give the I touched to someone grilled, grilled or grilled meat.

To make the Argentine bowels, we let the meat temper for a couple of hours. Later, if we are going to make it on the grill or grill, we remove the outer membranes or leather Pulling with your hand and roast the meat for five minutes on each side, on the hot grill. When turning the entrails, we salt the cooked side.

Entrana Argentina Pakus Direct Steps

If we are going to cook it on the barbecue, then it is preferable to leave the leather, which will remain crisp after roasting in the heat of the embers, and will act in a similar way to a papillote, making the meat cook between the membranes without drying out.

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With what to accompany the Argentine entraña

When taking it to the table, we recommend serving the Argentine carved entrails, accompanied by a tomato salad and homemade chimichurri sauce, to complete a healthy and complete menu. We can arrange the pieces of meat side by side, throw a line with the sauce and decorate with some parsley or coriander flowers.

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